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Top 15 Programming Courses to Enhance Your Skills

We have compiled 15 programming courses from Udemy that can help you enhance your skills. This list is free and you can access it 24/7. Udemy is one of the best resources for online courses created by professional instructors. Sometimes instructor give their courses for free for a very limited time. Some give it for free with lifetime access. So grab this free courses now and don’t wait until

Top 25 Programming Courses Proven to Help You Become an Excellent Game Developer

Game development now has indeed come a very long way. When you surf the net, you will see the proofs – excellent and jaw-dropping games. Many of you might have thought how human brains have done it. It is more than amazing. There might be a portion in your life wherein you dreamed of becoming an excellent game developer and be the person behind those games that majority of the people across the

Top 25 Programming Courses to Improve Your Skills and Boost Your Career

In this digital age, learning how to code isn’t just for the geekiest of all geeks – even the people in business world has sorted out to this knowledge-based asset to help themselves become better entrepreneurs. A huge amount of learning tools have stuffed the internet and as technology progresses, the demand for online classes have also been growing tremendously. Whether you’re a student, a

Programmer's Joke

It's a common thing as a programmer to run into some weird code that non-programmers are having difficulty to comprehend. Take for example the above-shown code where a single character can totally change what the code means. This is just one of the few instances that only C language based coder can understand.

Solution: The 'Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0' provider is not registered on the local machine

This is a common problem when you run Visual Studio projects like Visual Basic and Visual C#. It can be solve sometimes when you change the CPU to x86 instead of any CPU. Otherwise, an installation of certain components solves the problem. Just try the following solutions one by one until you fixed the problem. If solution # 1 doesn’t solve the problem, proceed to solution # 2 and so on. Solution

"Compile error: The code in this project must be updated for use on 64-bit systems" error message

This error happens when you run a function that is designed for 32-bit only system. If you program the function in Microsoft Access 32-bit system and run it on 64-bit version, you will most likely see this error. To fix this problem, all you have to do is add a keyword PtrSafe before the function name like the following: Private Declare PtrSafe Function GetComputerNameA Lib "kernel32" (ByVal

Programmer’s Dilemma

Most of the time, we work alone and we solve our programming problem without the help from other programmer. And Ideas popup in our mind with contradicting thoughts. In this video, it portrait a situation in which a programmer struggle to fix the problem with contradicting ideas. This could happen sometimes if we don’t plan our project prior to coding. And in most cases as will, errors is hard to

A Day in the Life of a Programmer

The reality of being a programmer is somehow portrayed on this GIF. This situation merely happens when a newbie programmer seeks help from a fellow programmer. Sometimes, it is also a challenge for an expert programmer to extend help to our fellow programmer; but yes, reaching out a hand should never be a worry. I hope you can relate on this GIF, and gracefully extend your expertise to help or

Russian Hackers Accused Of Being Responsible For Trump's Victory

Russian Hackers are accused of post-election Election attacks. Russian Hackers were accused of being responsible for Donald Trump's presidential election victory. Cyber expert accused Moscow as a suspect for the post-election attacks on US think tanks. According to a report of Reuters, three cyber security firms told Reuters that are tracking a spear-phishing campaign by a Russian-government