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Robo Wunderkind Introduces Lego-Type Programmable Robot for 5 Year Olds

Technology has come a very long way. Undeniably, many children now are into playing games on gadgets like iPads, mobile phones, and laptops rather than playing with real toys. While there are advantages, there are disadvantages as well. Aside from these online games limiting the socialization of the kids, it may also put boundaries on the kids' creativity. It is a lot different if they play with

Snapchat Introduces "Snapkit" Platform

Undeniably, Snapchat is widely-used by a great number of people around the world most especially the teen generation. However, it seems that it was quite hard for the multimedia messaging giant to fully spread its wings and make a name away from Facebook. Many developers believe that it can actually do more and hook more and more people with some development. Recently, Snapchat introduced a new

8 Highest-Paying Programming Languages in 2018

When you will search online about the existing programming languages that you can learn, a long list will be given to you. Most likely, you will really have a hard time thinking which one to consider for learning. There are features you will like about a programming language and as well as features you would wish is present in that language. Meanwhile, on the practical side, if you wish to know

Google Reveals Linux App Will Soon Be Supported By Chrome OS

Many developers prefer to utilize Chrome OS machines in their work. However, undeniably, it requires a great amount of effort to make Linux apps run on the said machines. A developer has to boot Linux on their device to be able to do so or utilize Crouton or another app. Have you ever imagined of Linux app being supported by Chrome OS? That imagination will soon come to reality. Google recently

Egret Technology Joins HTML5, Blockchain In "Egretia"

Egret Technology, a Beijing-based technology-driven internet company, has undeniably made a name in the HTML5 community. Thousands of developers are benefiting from the HTML5 development tools that the company has created. It has also developed packaging tools, an integrated development environment (IDE), and as well as an engine. Recently, another move by Egret that many developers would surely

5 Best JavaScript Frameworks in 2018

Every year, the number of JavaScript frameworks or the collections of components and libraries needed in developing web applications increases. Any beginner in the field of web development would surely have a hard time weighing the advantages and disadvantages of every framework. Meanwhile, among the increasing number of frameworks available, there are those that really stand out like the

4 Prominent Male Programmers Whose Contributions Are Extremely Significant

Programming is a very challenging thing to do. Most likely, it is not for people who are not patient enough to take on the same tasks several times just to figure out how something would work best or why it isn't exactly what it is. Although there are also females who ventured and became successful in the field of programming, most of those who take this field are males. There are at least four

Why Many Developers Prefer Python Over PHP

Two of the programming languages that are widely used by many developers are Python and PHP. These two prominent programming languages work well with different frameworks and it makes it more convenient and less complicated for developers in doing their tasks. However, based on Harpal Boparai's article on Net Solutions, many developers now are considering Python over PHP for web development. Both

Top 5 PHP Frameworks For Web Developers

PHP, which now stands for Hypertext Preprocessor from Personal Home Page, is undeniably one of the most prominent and highly-utilized programming languages. Thus, lots of PHP frameworks have been created to help developers come up with excellent web applications that are highly-secured. When you will search for PHP frameworks, a long list will be given to you and it might take up a lot of your

Google Adds Chrome OS Emulator to Android Studio

Undeniably, the number of sales of Chromebooks now is really increasing as lots and lots of people from different fields are buying and using it. From students to developers and other professionals, the Chromebook is a great choice. Recently, Google made another move that is surely a good news to people who are using and planning to get a Chromebook. Based on William Judd's article on Developer