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Why I want to share my source code

Why I want to share my source code?

Even me, are thinking before I finally decided to share some, if not all, of my source code. During the time I first uploaded my hard coded program to I am still in doubt if I will continue it.

But it comes to my mind that this source code is not my own source code. I downloaded some part of it in the form of a complete application and some are code snippets.

Since 1999 when I started programming I am very concerned not to share my code. Why? Of course days and nights are the capital to become an experience programmer. There are even sleepless nights when you’re thinking about how to solve those programming problem.

Getting started

After I graduated from college I start working as a programmer in my alma mater. May be it’s an opportunity on my part to get a job whom I like most. When I started learning computer programming I interested with it.

The first computer language I learned was BASIC followed by pascal. That’s why my foundation was very strong compared to those who started working with windows (this is of course exceptional to those who are successful to their own endeavor). May be you’ll be asking why BASIC and pascal when there are computer language which run on windows since 1995. We’ll it’s a long story. But at least I did not regret why I learn in the hard way.

Now, what is the computer language that I loved most? Believe it or not, I am using MS Access to do some of my program. But MS Access a programming language? Well, to be frank, I do not consider MS Access as one of the computer language. When in fact there are so many discussion on the internet that argue whether MS Access is a programming language or not.

To be exact the language behind MS Access is BASIC. Or we call it as VBA (Visual Basic for Application). Same is true with visual basic. Visual basic itself is not a language. Visual basic is an editor to the language called BASIC. But as a generic term we called it language.

After using MS Access I learned that this tool is not suited for some reason. This is not a computer language. The second favorite language that I started to play was visual basic 5.0 followed by version 6.0 and the .NET.

I have several source code in MS Access and wondering if I’m going to share it here. Until now I am earning with this application locally. I sold it for $1000 USD (converted currency in my country) in some company and sometimes it sold only for $600.

My next adventure

Currently I am using visual basic as my primary language. But this doesn’t mean that I will leave MS Access. Knowing all the functionality of MS Access that sometimes can no be found in visual basic. One of the feature that MS Access have is the parent/child form and or master/detail form. Same also with the use of a combobox or multi-column combobox. These are I think the basic features of MS Access that cannot be found in visual basic. That’s why I make a thorough research all the time when there are approaching project. If you have notice, most of my program here are MS Access alike if you have experience using it.

One of the available source code in the internet that I love most is lynxgrid. It gives the same functionality as subform in MS Access. I get to know how to create a multi-column combobox using this control. Hoping I have more time to share it with you.

I downloaded some trial version of grid-like style control but you will be wasting your money if you buy one of this.

Final thoughts

In few days of submitting my source code, there are several questions about my source code that needs little modification. In this case it can help me improve my knowledge in computer programming. To the contrary also if you downloaded my source code from or elsewhere most of the vote are five-star.

It’s better to give than to receive. So what are you waiting for? Upload your source code here or elsewhere like,,, etc.

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