Pc Timer-Shutdown/Restart/LogOff

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Hi! dude..im new in making Visual Basic Programs just like what i example here i make PC timer i also making databases program. hope you like this and it will help you.. :)


But your file was corrupted when i tried to unzip it..

ah ok thnx bro i know the problem, actually it was a rar not a zip i just rename it to zip to upload..anyway i try to upload it again using winzip....sory for the bug :)

hi sir im interested to your code

you can download it...thnx!

_=Jakjes Rules=_

hi, cn you give some advice onhow i could maximize and learn more about coding in the vb 6? thanks...

basic code :) nice job!
i already post something like this using shell :) but i withdraw it.

do u have an idea how to make autorun of exe files?
i mean when the unit reboot then automaticaly ur program runs?

the basic well to do is just add your exe prog to the start up or then make a running batch file call it from your code..

hope this will help...thnx for commenting...

_=Jakjes Rules=_

how to do that?
i mean, for instance u publish a vb.net application(executable files)
when u click a regular program then the application runs. what i want is that the program u publish runs w/o clicking the executable appli that u publish when the pc reboot.

example code i need it. please help :)
code to make ur program runs automaticaly when pc start.

the simplest way to call exec prog at reboot is to add it into the start up..just click start -> program ->startup open it then browse the exec program then you can add the shorcut or the whole..then try to reboot your system..


Psst ung exe file ilagay mo sa start up menu wahahaha then reboot ur system

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im interested to your code.. but how??

im interested too..

Sir .. pwede po ba mag patulong .. kahit simpleng computer rental system lang po ung may control sa bawat pc .. ? di ko po kasi alam gaagwin ko ee .. ! using vb po .! 09103221761
[email protected] fb account ko po

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