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A simple grading system which primarily support of calculation of grades and can generate reports of students and grades.

Note: Due to the size or complexity of this submission, the author has submitted it as a .zip file to shorten your download time. After downloading it, you will need a program like Winzip to decompress it.

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Hi sir can u pls help me how to create a grading system using mysql database ?

a sample code please. thank you :)

penge din po ng username at password.

[email protected]


Penge naman po nang user at pass ? [email protected]

thanks sa codes my grading system na poh kme pra poh sa thesis hehehe
sna gmana poh ito hehehe

Pahingi po username and password of your grading system..thanks

how to make this work?

DataEnvironment1 not working

i find it very usefull.. please send the username and password please.. i will use that as my reference for my THESIS 101.. please maam.. thanks..

penge nmn po ng user name at password ndi nmn mbuksan eh!

pahinge po ng user at pas nito T_T nid ko pa mtutu...
[email protected]

give some codes pls

please send me the password and username to try it out

pls give me all source codes for VB.... thankzzzz

can you send me the password and user name so that i can if it is working properly...thnkss.... i'm just a beginner maybe i will learn a lot to your system.. thanksss again

Sir emond is correct!please give credits to the original author of this program.

Consultant / .Net Developer

::[email protected]::


Where's the downlink? The Mods or the poser should be informed about this...


nice.... i like it.... although it's not hard coding but it is great and fine...... i've learn a lot of your code.

simple but working hehehehehehehehehehehe.....................

if you do simple grading system in C# ,.net i think we can exchange knowledge hehehehehehehehehe......................

have a happy coding

Just Code and code and code.....................


nice program.... i like it...... although it's not a hard code but its fine and great. simple but functioning.........

the .zip link doesn't display..

where is the dowload link of this system

Bakit poh hindi mabuksan ang grading system? dinanload naho namin pero di maopen may error daw poh!

give credits to the original creator of this program.

emond sabiniano
Project Contractor-Developer/Software Consultant

.sir..can you please help me to create designs in my grading system?

galing tlg ni roseann, idol

pls give credits to the original creator of this program

emond sabiniano
Project Contractor-Developer/Software Consultant

Kindly check your DataEnvironment1 its not functioning well ^_^

Further message = Nice work ^_^

Web / System Developer
Contacts :
[email protected] >>> Facebook/YM
ICCT Colleges Cainta Rizal

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