Sending Data via parallel port using INPOUT32.dll

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Sample how to send data to LPT or printer port using INPOUT32.dll from Lakeview Research..
.NET version

be sure you write the correct data coz this may cause to crash ur pc...
Hope u like it..
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sir do you have a sample project bout usb port? ? ? bcause i'm goin to make a pos that needs a usb barcode reader. .hope you could help me. .thanks sir^^

wat brand of BARCODE REAder u want to use?..i can give the guidelines and some some sample of BArcode Reader project..

from wat country u are?

emond sabiniano
Project Contractor-Developer/Software Consultant

you dont need to code for a Barcode reader.Just Plug it to the USB port.Thats all ..Now open Notepad or Something and scan the Barcode.thats works same like USB keyboard.

Bizz Soft Solutions

Any help
contact Me
[email protected]

do brands matter? ? ? hmmmm. .well i have not yet bought the scanner but will be planning to. certified pinoy po ako^^. thanks sir for takng time to reply^^. .magme-message po ako kapag nakabilig na po. thanks again

newer version of barcode readers supports USB and Plug and play , older versions are using the PC's serial ports (RS 232).

so better buy the newer version, this can interface to all programming languages..

ok just Pm me..

Gudkuck dude..

Mabuhay !!

emond sabiniano
Project Contractor-Developer/Software Consultant

it's me again. the one who asked bout usb barcode reader. hehe. .Pilipino po ako and from Rizal. just wanna ask if what po ang murang usb barcode brand na makakatulong po sa akin at matutulungan nyo din po sa paggawa ng simple pos program? thanks^^

AccuScan offers cheap USB barcode readers for as low as php 2,400, but you can search if you want to..

And willing to help you in your project just PM me..

i already posted a simple Cash drawer function to open your cash register..hope it will help in your coming project.

emond sabiniano
Project Contractor-Developer/Software Consultant

been a long time. . .sir, what would you recommend for me to use. ? ? ? thanks


Undo,redo,find,replace function sample coding for msflexgrid in vb6.


Please email me for sample project.

[email protected]

thankss.. all the best

emond sabiniano
Project Contractor-Developer/Software Consultant

Sir, can you send me a sample source code how to print each invoiced item in a POS printer. I know how to make it happen after all invoiced item have been entered. But, I would like to print instantaneously every after each item is entered. Thanks.

sir do u have an idea on appliance control via sms using usb port kc po nakita ko ung pnost nyo pero parallel port ang ginamit nyo what are the hardware requirements dun s control box?
i hope u could help me thank you po.

Its an RF module connected to a PC in order to transmit a signal to the lamp or appliance module wirelessly, if you want for more info please contact me

dark_raditz0825 YM mesenger


emond sabiniano
Project Contractor-Developer/Software Consultant

give informations abt connecting two pc using rf for file transfer

sir , gud eve...

do you know how to make traffic light (led simulation)

its our project 4 now and we need your help to come up with that project ....

hope u'll help us ..

pls sir ..

pls email me @

[email protected]

emond sabiniano
Project Contractor-Developer/Software Consultant

sir, i'm from davao and i just want to ask how to make a traffic light in a four way intersection using vb6, in windows xp, using parallel port cable..tnx in advance..

how to display a number(0-9)... with the used of parallel port and C++ program...what would be the code??

[email protected]

thank you..

can anyone tell how can i make a bar code reader using parallel port?

I found this tutorial very informative

and salamat sir s tulong nyo s pag conceptualize at advice s thesis namin :D

2 thumbs up :D

-Hezron Tan

Welcome Hezron, Congratz and Goodluck sa career..

all the best,

emond sabiniano
Project Contractor-Developer/Software Consultant

anybody can teach me this thanks..

I'm working on an Electronic voting, not the election, the one that is conducted in the parliament. Each member of the parliament has a push button in front of them so that he/she presses it to vote( either to support or oppose).

A person is not allowed to vote more than once.

There is an LED besides the button to assure the pressing of a button.

Can anybody help me to do it with a parallel port?

e-mail me by:
[email protected]


I was frustrated because failed in compiling the following source code:

using System;
using System.Runtime.InteropServices;

public class PortAccess
[DllImport("inpout32.dll", EntryPoint="Out32")]
public static extern void Output(int adress, int value);

The error is stated below:
'WindowsFormsApplication1.Form1.Dispose(bool)': no suitable method found to override

I get the source code from:

I have ask the similar question to many forum that related to this topic and yet did not get any reply.

I hope someone from this forum can give me some advice.

Thanks all.


sir.. can i ask for ur help we nid to make a code to light the led lights that we will connect to the pc.. plss,,, help me po/. thanks. email ku po

[email protected]
pa email na alng po kpag me tym po kau plss..

great project....

plz send me the code for this help me plz ..

email me at
[email protected]

plzplz plz if anyone have the code

Thank you sir for the information.Malaki ang tulong nito sa thesis ko......

Sir emond can you help me??!!!gusto ko sana gumawa sa project ko parang same idea dyan. pwede mong e control outside and inside ng sytem..parang ganito sa labas pwede nya ma control ang switch para e control ang nasa loob ng PC.tapos sa loob pwede din nya e control ang LED na nasa labas sa pamamagitan ng button...parang ganun ang idea sir emond matutulungan mo po ba ako sir emond?? I've use VB 6 and my operating System is XP...nag babasa kasi ng mga tungkol sa port at panu yan gawin pero laging palpak lahat ng work ko T_T...nabasa ko rin about sa inpout32.dll but same parin error ang labas...Sir emond can I ask you lang po pag kailangan ko kontrolin ang nasa loob sa pamamagitan ng switch kailangan ko pa ba ng IC or pwede na yung parallel port ang gagamitin? Pwede makuha ang step and paanu yan gawin at ang mga device nah gagamitin para magawa ko yan...

please mail here:[email protected]

i just want to know if usb parallel port is also the same with pci parallel port?..
because we need it in our project...
it is possible to light a led using usb parallel port??
pls.. help us.. thanks,

Dear friend,

It me Satis. Need your help to complete my project. I'm doing speech door access system in VB6 with microsoft access 2007 as a database platform..... I need the source code which make sound to text then text to parallel port data high and low. If user say password"1234" which all ready fix in database D1 of parallel port will goes to high to open the door. Same process for close operation. How i can made it please me in VB6 coding. Thank you friend.....

1. leer database - abrir y leer base de datos de paswords

data1.RecordSource = "SELECT user,pasword FROM users"

2. verificar que el pasword exista en la base de datos - pasword verify that exists in the database

3. Enviar Dato a LPT1

Call Output(888,)

Ahora debemos verificar que el dato esta en el puerto del PC, para ello usamos una compuerta AND que verifica los Datos y si es correcto activa un Rele o Triac que abre la puerta.

Now we must verify that the data is in the PC Port, for this we use a AND gate that checks the data and if correct enables a "Rele" or "Triac"that opens the door.

Mas Info aca:

send chat program source code for me
[email protected]

i need chat source code beetwen two computer using lpt port in c++ .
please email for me
[email protected]

i want controlling 4 leds in vb6 so plzz send me to [email protected]

Sir I also need a VB Control Code for the LED Message Board for our thesis, i hope you could help us... Thank you! I'll follow an e-mail for our communication. Thank you very much sir! -Kirby-

Ok no prob dude!! Just PM me or post to my fan page if you want ask something..

Thanks for viewing and visiting our tutorials.

Fan Page:


+639212279363 phil
+63425858145 phil
+60 163439176 Malaysia

emond sabiniano
Project Contractor-Developer/Software Consultant

sir pwd po ang usb mag interface sa VB6 need help po..

[email protected]

how can i send print to a printer using LPT port in c#?

How find pc for printing ,send what hex data
Please help me

sir , gud eve...

do you know how to make traffic light (led simulation)

its our project 4 now and we need your help to come up with that project .... in VB6

hope u'll help us ..

pls sir ..
parallel cord. Thanks.

[email protected]
thank you..

Sir, this is jonalyn from PSU bayambang Pangasinan.
I would like to ask your help regarding our thesis...
we dont know how to configure the usb port in visual basic 2003. can you help us sir? please... thanks for your kindness.

May i ask some question about creating a visual basic code about input signal from outer world ---> parallel port ----> to Visual basic.

I only know how to output signal from Visual basic ---> parallel port ---> outer world( such as LED, motors, relays).

i want to know how to input

i want use parallel port and i want a sample code to control 8 LED or ETC
please email to me
with thanks.
email~> [email protected]

this code not work at usb parallel port. sir do u have any other way or LPT driver to access the usb parallel port. pls email me: [email protected]
Thank you.

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