Payroll System Version 1.0

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Hi there about this code I called it Payroll System Version 1.0 written entirely in Visual Basic.
It contains codes how to add, edit, delete and how to use SQL statement to manipulate records in the database.

If you find my work useful send me an email at [email protected]. People here in the Philippines who wish to contact me can reach me in my mobile phone numbers at 09296768375 and 09226034089. My home landline number is (034) 4335081. Thank you very much and Happy Programming.


Mr. Jake Rodriguez Pomperada, MAED - Instructional Technology

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first of all i want to thank you for your help!, posting these all source codes for free.
but what i want to say now is still there is no free software source code posted which is programmed with C# .

Hi actually this code ask for the user name and code. Each time i login but i don't know wat the username and password is for this code so wat should i do for tat.

For the password you can open the ms access database to look the username and the password I did not put any password in the database file in ms access so that users can view the records, user name and passwords. I hope this help you in your problem. Take care and God Bless.


Jake :-D

thank you so much for this free code!!!Ü
this was very helpful to me..
& also for everybody..
keep up the good work!!!
& i hope that i will be a good programmer like you someday...!!!Ü

thanks a lot!!!




hi sir can i ask for sample code of payroll system using c?
thanks sir

have visited teh database bt im undabl2 find the login id and pass wrod so u can plz help me in this issue

Please read FAQ.

can i ask for some examples of payroll system and its code in php....

i want to view this program,
but i can't..
it is a nice output

do you know the code for my project was a payroll system...what is the code that will not accept the name that has been already inputted???? thank you

how i wish i could be like u! group in our thesis program is currently developing a payroll system, but until now i didnt know how it flows until i got this site, it will serve as my guide..tnx a lot...

sir can u help me how to program the vb6+ log-in log-out and can be time-in or time-out and calculus to payroll system.....can u help me here my email [email protected]


pls i wil like you to guide in knowing hw to programme very well cos i love your coding.

hi..nice codes..i hope you can help regarding the log in and out that will compute the hours or days the person went to work and it will be in the database and then it will help me to compute his salary.. for the salary we want to see the payment for sss the whole employee sss and it will be total so when we go to sss we can give the paper and total payment.

can we chat my email add is [email protected]

can I get the form view of that system??? [email protected]

hi. I am Meg Rieza..

we have to make a payroll system with file handling using linkedlist..

do you have any program (codes) that has file handling and linkedlist??

if you do please email me at meggyriez[email protected]

thanks you..

may i now the password for the maintenance editor, i cant open your database., when i try opening it its always not responding, just email me the password's my email [email protected]

sir can u send me a full screenshot of your payroll in file menu what is inside in transaction

Thank you for this piece of art.
Am getting this message when I try to run the program. what can I do to execute the program

"Can't find project or library" with this cord

Private sub Timer1_Timer()
txtdate = Date
End sub

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