Payroll System Using Adodc and Datagrid (EXAMPLE) ^_^

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This is my Payroll System way back on my second year hahaha. Hopefully this will give you an idea.

For a complete version of this, kindly contact me for a low price. Happy coding ^_^

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Can you tell me how can I open this or connect it on NetBeans?

How can I open this program on netbeans? please reply immediately , thank you

pde ba mag patulong kung anu mga possible system na pdeng ipropose sa isang Company pllllssss :)

Hi Dude, i need help, can you please send me your code in making the payroll system. asap. i need to pass it next week thanks.. here is my email [email protected]

just find at facebook... see ya

hi sir kindly help me for creating an accounting system using vb6.0 with the database MS Access w/ journal entry,general ledger and trial balance. I need to past it on next next week. so me.

Email Account:[email protected]

Sir could you send me a complete codes of a enrollment system in visual basic. i really do need to pass it on this week. please :( here's my email [email protected]

can i ask user name and password ? pls post it. thanks.

can anyone send me a sample of payroll system in vb6? :( i really need it. please.

Create a payroll system (Maintenance, Payroll Computation and Log In/Out) for ABC company.
They have two types of employee: regular and contractual
Regular Employees receives bonus monthly(transpo allowance/cash bonus) and have monthly deductions for loans and company funds
Contractual Employees are also monitored by the accountant through its Contract End date
Both regular and contractual employees have SSS and pag-ibig deductions

Specific details for the employee include its Employee No, Last Name, FirstName, MI, Basic Pay, SSS Deduction and Pag-ibig
A per day computation is Basic pay / 30

can you pls. help me in this!

can you give the codes?? this is my email add [email protected]..


please help me po...kelangan ko lng po ung code nto sa finals...ito po email ko [email protected] po..gbu :)

i need this on my final exam...can u give the flowchart of this system sir...please...thank you..
this is my email [email protected]...

very truly your..

can you give me some codes regarding with payroll system? i really need it..thats our final exam..thank you sir..

can give me this flowchart of your payroll system..

wow, thanks a lot!
i've been looking for this!

hi sir... can u send me a copy of class scheduling system with codes. as my references doing my thesis. hoping for ur response. kindly sent to it in my acct [email protected] . thanks

i need the project tracking sheet about your software. this points are included
*use case digram ,*software specification ,*Activity digram ,*classs digram ,*sequence digram,*software specification,*Test case documantation,*system prototype,*system development,*test case execution and test report,*about your software so please help me i am a beginner of this IT .so I need your help as I hope to communicate with you and please send your email address.thank you . my email address is [email protected]

it easy to know the password open the mdb file then look for the tbl user and change it..heje..

Hi Dude, i have coded a cristal report and whant to filter a record which is receved between two given date but when I am running is , it gives error messge " Date time required. please help me.

wht is the user name and password? me....

4 this project...

Username: admin
Password: 123

just open the mdb file then look for tbluser and change the password and username..haha

Download na mga dudes hahaha

Web / System Developer
Contacts :
[email protected] >>> Facebook/YM
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hi sir we your help for our system we need to past it on next week
we have to create a payroll system
employee payroll

this my email: [email protected]

Thanks dude! it's such a great help!

Dude i have coded a system call DVD shop in vb,my coding are supported only mysql database i want to decode the coding to mssql database can you help me please i want to submit that before Friday.
my email address is [email protected]

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