Human Resource Management System (French Version)

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It's a human ressource management system fully written with vb6.

You can view, add, edit, delete and search data with an ease approach. You can even export data in Microsoft Word format.

It's already an old code of mine. I don't remember if it uses ADO or RDO for the database management.

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r u sure ur that this is ur old code, why is in french language not in english.

It's in french 'cause I live in a french speaking country. We are more at ease at french than at english!

would you please help me for the codes for the payroll system in visual basic????

Thank you :)))

Hi, this is great source application what was I am looking for. I'm aalso trying to write human resource module for a company but just dont know where to start. this is going to be great source for me. thanks you.

how to convert into english language...

Dear I liked the Project work on HRMS and if you have the English version please send me b/c it is important for the project am taking it!!!. thanks again for your timely help.

A Road Map to the Future Need !!

really great code, u seem to know how to do your analysis well.

this is an excellent piece of work. how do you deal with resizing of forms and images especially on the later model of screens ?

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