Convenient Store Inventory System Version 1.0

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Hi there about this code I called it Convenient Store Inventory System Version 1.0 written entirely in Visual Basic 6.0 by my students in our programming class.  I upload this code to share the knowledge and skills of my students in database programming using Visual Basic and MS Access.
If you find my work useful enough please send me an email so that I know at [email protected]. People here in the Philippines who wish to contact me can reach me at my mobile phone numbers 09296768375 and 09226034089. Thank you ver much and Happy Programming.
Mr. Jake Rodriguez Pomperada, MAED - Instructional TechnlogyTeacher, Programmer and Computer Technician

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i m unable to download the code . can u please send the source code to my mail id so that i can use it for my project purpose.

mail id : [email protected]

Thanks in advance

Thank you for the code it is really helpful for as a beginner programmers god bless...............

can you please supply the ER diagrams related to this project?

PLS give me the username and passsword.Thanks in advance

can u give me a tic-tac-toe program using control array?? please

my mail: [email protected]


how to link these form of visual in access? my teacher told me to do a such project in visual in w/c i have no knowledge bout this programing software....

if possible, could you sent it to my email?
[email protected]
thnk you so much...

can u give me the username and password?

email me!

[email protected] tnx!

Sir, PLS give me the username and passsword, if pwede po pati ung sa DTR.Thanks in advance..Damo gid nga salamat sir ah..
email me sa [email protected]

please send me the username and password of your database... thanks....
here's is my email: [email protected]
thanks thanks thanks!

Pls send me the username and password
. . tnx anywey

please send me the password of your MS Access Database on my email id.
[email protected]

Thanks in Advance

Can u give me the user name and password?
i want to set a database of an inventory system in my company. a fren told me that people usually will use visual basic to set up a database. i've never learn visual basic actually. but what i understand is that i have to set up a table or database using microsoft access and link with visual basic. hw does that possible? hw does it link to each other?
do u have any similar coding like this? i want to use it as reference.
good job about the inventory system that u have done. nice job. mail is [email protected]

Try looking at the database for the password and username

Web / System Developer
Contacts :
[email protected] >>> Facebook/YM
ICCT Colleges Cainta Rizal

username and password request

PLS give me the username and passsword.Thanks in advance

mail your answer @:

ortiguerasjo[email protected]

thank you very much


I got it

Thank you

Dear Jake

I found to create usename and pwd.


Pls. send me ER Diagram of this application

with regards
[email protected]

can i get the un and password i want to study this program for the project in school i am a computer science student and i want to learn more about it,..


[email protected]

sir thank you very much for this functional system....salamat po

Your work was super but i think this is helpfulful for my studies so please send password

please sir send me username and password because i have to study about your project and then i some change on my project so please send me username and password on [email protected]

hey plz centect me my email id is [email protected]
i need ur help to create a project


pls send me username and password on
[email protected]


can u give me the username and password?

email me!
[email protected]

Do you have stock in and stock out system made vb6.0? I need this system
If you have u can send to me my email : [email protected]

Sir can u give me username and Password..plzzz

Dear firend please you help must need .......pls

user name ? password ? please tell me

[email protected]

am using 2010 express.i need help to access the code and change it mostly as am gonna submit it very soon. please? thank u for sharing your skills to others.:)


its really helpful for us.........

pa ki send nmn po un user and pass po nto pls para lang po sa thesis namen.!
paki send po sa email ko [email protected]

sir! i need ur help i need a title for a thesis and objectives

pls send me username and password on
[email protected]

Thank You!..

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