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This is an unfinished version of a program that generates flowcharts from VB 6.0 source codes. I got bored before I was able to finish it, yet it is very interesting and a bit challenging. Perhaps someone out there would take some spare time to mingle with the codes...you know...just for fun... It lets the user view the code modules of most of the VB 6.0 objects such as Forms, UserControls, Class Modules, BAS Modules, DataReports, Property Pages among others. It also displays the properties of each UI-based objects along with the controls contained within them. And clicking opposite a block of routine in a code module will display the corresponding rudimentary flowchart for that code block. As I have said... it's not yet finished and there's still a lot of things to be done...Anyways, should you wish to consider having this program get done, just contact me. I had my number in the Splash and About forms included. Happy browsing...

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natapos kaya ito? :)

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