Sample Database using ADODB in VB 6.0

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Hello guys, this is one of my easy to learn tutorials about database programming in Visual Basic 6.0 using ADODB. It was pure hard coded, but has a clean and easy to understand codes and I put some guides on how my codes worked.

I hope this will help beginners in Visual Basic 6.0,..

Happy Programming!


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i want to devolp some form can you halp me please il send form desgn if you accept

hello, will u help me on what system is good for our thesis,? i dont have any idea, bcoz library,enrollment,payroll,billing are common .. send me a msg. on my fb acct. [email protected]

if im not late,.you can try to make an advance LAN CHAT SYSTEM using winSock Control in VB 6.0,..That's is the one of the best system that you can try to work,.. :-)

i am getting error Run-Time error '383. Property is read-only
om update page after some modification.

connection naman para sa log in with database oh T.T

helo gud eve . may defen po kasi kami sa vb namin ..
pinapagawa po kami ng program tru vb connected to database.. dn i dnt hav an idea kung ano ang gagawin q.wala pa po kc akong napili..ano po ba ang maganda

tanx bro.....for your really helps me!!!!

can you help me!! . plzz.. give an example of random database connected to visual basic 6.0 .. .tnx

tnx poe ahm ask qoe bka pd humingi ng tulong gumgawa kac aq ng database ei pano qoe poe b mareregister ang user sa oras ng login at log out nia....

hi dear friend
please help me!

i changed your code to use in my project.
it add to database but do not edit or delete


can you help me about thi program

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