Hotel Billing and Reservation System

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includes everything you need :)

any questions ? email me at [email protected]

for educational purposes ONLY !!!!

sorry if i not included it in the description lately.

just use "neil" on BOTH username and password . tnx ! goodluck !

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error during login 339

hi Neil,

Can I have password for zip, flow chart, documentation and system limit such as database size, table size and so forth, can it be run in different platform ? I am doing research on this .
My email is [email protected]


What are the features or functionalities of this system?

I need the password at [email protected]


pls send me password ,my id is [email protected]

please send me the password , and can i get the documentation of this kindly email me please , thanks [email protected]

cool, amazing good and nice


Hello dude, can i have the documentation for this? i really need it :). Thank You in Advance. please send @[email protected] THANKS..

sir ngayo ko sa docu nimo please? email nako [email protected]

i don't know how to view your project please help me. i dont know what's next after i DL the zip. TIA

Really complex application, Cool in appearance and it's work. thank you very much.

Thanks for nice project sir.
I'm try to Login with, User Name "neil" and Password "neil" It's Error during login 339. Would you please send me the Project that i can fix Form and other i need to add to the project.
Thanks again, Please please please please...
Email: [email protected]

what use your vb version application

pls send me password ,my id is [email protected]

Username: neil
Password: neil

Need a password and setup document

please sent me Passwords [email protected]

pa tulong nmn ng mdaling hotel reservations

pls send me password ,my id is [email protected]

what will i do ?

can i have your documentation ..
plz send me @ [email protected]

tnx :D

sir can i get a password..thanks for your help..plss send @ [email protected]

Can i have the documentation please rushhh
i need it :(

Thank you, it's a big help to us...

Thanks for appreciating buddy :)

What's the password for the file in ? thanks :))


how can i convert the vb6 codes to vb 2008?

sorry but i don't know how. vb6 and vb2008 is different to each other. i suggest that you could do it manually.


please direct to this link for the source code.

thanks for appreciating this project !

can you email me the source code @ [email protected]

fantastic job, kindly help me with the documentation [email protected]

umwana wanfumu

ano po gagawin para ma open ung source code

great job, it is a nice work!!can u send me the documentation? i need to finish my assignment. please send diag and duco [email protected]

can you please mail me source code. can i see the source code my email is [email protected] only the source code ssir please

great job, can u send me the documentation? i need to finish my assignment. please send to this mail. [email protected]

Hey nice work, please can u send me the documentation of this project,plz at "[email protected]"

i dont have the documentation .. i'll update to you soon as I get the documentation from my co-league.

very nice program . can i have the documentation? . it will help a lot for our thesis . thanks email me [email protected]

i would like to apologize to whom this project is concern. I will post the .zip file ASAP . tnx !

The prgram looks nice, is it possible that you can email me the source code. [email protected]

bro its urgent pls give me the er diag n the documentation asap for the hrms thankx for ur work pls send it now to [email protected]

tell me how to change the password

can you please provide download link for the software and OR source code.


can you please mail me source code.. As I m seeing it deleted right now.. my email id is [email protected].. Thanks in advance

i am not able to find the download link?

how do i download it?\

Please to send me the link to download the code as i am interested in your business hotel management as i work as a front office manager:
[email protected]


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