Class Scheduling and Time Tabling System - VB6

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I would like to share here my Scheduling System, this system is only a part of my High School Enrollment System and my College Enrollment System that consist of 8 modules(registrar,grader,controller,scheduler,checker/assessor, collector/cashier,administrator, and the Web Transcript).

This system covers timetable for a school, high-school or university. It uses a fast and efficient timetabling algorithm.

This has the capability show Room Schedule,Section Schedule, Faculty Schedule and can suggest Room Availability and Faculty Availability by displaying through graphical way.

This is a demo system so expect not all the functionality can be fully use.

INSTALL THE INSTALLER first to make the system work normally...

Different Versions:

style="display:block; text-align:center;"

*VB.NET version : Class Scheduling and Time Tabling System - VB.NET

*C# Version: Class Scheduling and Time Tabling System - C#

please fell free to use and PLEASE PLEASE DONT FORGET TO COMMENT "Thanks" if you find my System useful to you... But if u take it for granted.. maybe I'll take some steps to remove this post I will mean it this time.... =)

If theres no 20 good comment I will remove the code.. hahahahaha

May God Bless us All

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please Upload Full Source Code.

This guy don't know what it means by free source code. This post should be remove if no source code is included.

ahahahahaha lol....... you're jealous....your are deserve to be called unresourceful programmer anyway... I already updated the source code... you can download it again unresourcefull boy...hehehehe

Philip Cesar B. Garay BSIT
Mindanao State University at Naawan

[email protected]

By the way I forgot.... my system is not license under GNU Public license and its not consider to be free source code ...and I have the right to choose what I will include in my attachments...and you can't demand me for that... and for your information that project I included in the zip contains the concept system on how I came up with that design..If you are good programmer, prove that out from that sample project I provided.. you can came up with a better system what I have designed..... Your just showing your unethical matter here...

Philip Cesar B. Garay BSIT
Mindanao State University at Naawan

[email protected]

hey you better remove it. your system is not very good at all

Hello sir... Thanks for this kind of system... It helps me a lot on my thesis...

PS.. I don't know why some of the subscribers here post negative on your system... were in fact this gives an idea on how to came up a better scheduling system..even if you provide a simple one..

Hope you share more,, thank you very much
May God bless you...

hey thanks for this resourceful information, God bless u sir.

Your welcome... :)
May God Bless you...

Philip Cesar B. Garay BSIT
Mindanao State University at Naawan

[email protected]

> hello!!!

>>>HI !!!!!

How are you???

Philip Cesar B. Garay BSIT
Mindanao State University at Naawan

[email protected]

its useful for me...thanx..

this s ok but how should see the abstract and synapsis

please i will need the code in vb6.0 thanks

Looks Great Man. You are a smart guy Philip!

Hi Itachi_Philip, i am doing an exam grading system in VB 6.0 with an ms 2003 s back end. I have an issue when it comes to Ranking students. I have posted it here and you can check on 'Students Rank Problem' by chegekim.

I will appreciate your time and help.


It seems impossible until it is done!

INSTALL THE INSTALLER first to make the system work normally...
where is the installer?

SIR thats a very good idea........helped me a lot thanks

hamto koto sama sokoto

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