Point Of Sales and Inventory System

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- Back Up Database
- About System and Developer Section
- Supplier and Employee Management
- User Administration and Filtering Restrictions
- Customer Manager
- Clearing Database Records
- Filtering Sales Report
- Stocks Real Time Monitoring
- Maintenance Features
- Lock System Capability
- Filtering Invoice Receipt
- Sales Transaction
- Real Time Data Statistics Monitoring
- Exporting Reports
- Filtered Report and Database Record
- User Login and History tracking
- Cool Splash Screen
- Receipt Generated Transaction Feature.
- Search and Query Records


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Hi..still some error when updating the product sold to StockIn ..it saves the amount of whole products sold to each item..Any help plz to fix it???
![QtySold] = !QtySold + stockC
something goes wrong here!!!!

you dont have to update it in that form, its a sales transaction, to update the product you have to access the up stock in monitoring, to update your qty of product stocked, maybe you have to configure your listview object first..it works fine for me

please where exe file

Can u upload the full system thank you every much

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