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This simple program will notify the other form or the calling form for the changes made from other form.

Example scenario.

You have a Point of Sale application where you have to receive payment. You need to open another form to input money you received from a customer. This could be in a form of a dialog form. After you close the dialog form the calling form will be update say for example the Total TextBox.

This simple source code is part of the my Point of Sale which I'm currently working in VB.NET 2008.

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admin thank you so much such a very sourceful person in term of code and ideas tnx a lot. :)

[email protected]

sir pa help aman.. i need an examination system using = ) can you post a project like that.
where examiner choose a subject then the answers can modify if she want to change her answer (navigation like Next and Previous).

thanks poh!

sir may i ask kung pano po ang gagawin kapag gus2 mo i call ung isang groupbox na nasa ibang form. for example, you have groupbox1 in form2, you will call it in form1, gan2 kasi gnawa ko..


but nothings happend. para po ma eliminate ko ung hide and show ng form.
tnx for the response sir.

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