Library Management System(Updated) for second time

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This is my 2nd update of Library Management System. I have included many and critical updates and fixed many of the bugs that came into my sight also after a long time studying reporting finally I got it and have included in the project. I have used many new concept which have seen fewer times like my.settings and user controls. Hope you will like it. More details in the readme.txt file and doc file included in the zip file.

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Hi friend;
Help me with the password to achieve or decompress the zip file? My e-mail is below. Thank you very much

[email protected]

Ngabo Adrian

Hi Guys,

I need a project. I want to submit it by April 4th. Can anyone please help me. Please can you arrange any new existing project......plsssss
The requirement is only that I have to use HTML and Javascript mainly anything else. I need to submit a abstract within 2 days.

mail me [email protected]

if we delete the user details it cannot be deleted in ms database....same goes to biik delete also...i need ur help.....

[email protected]

Sir can u hel me...i cannot open your database in the reports of checking whom students have holding books..

It requires the Username and password in opening the database..
PLease do Help me..

can you help me to make a sales and inventory system? i really need this
just email me [email protected]

Thank you so much

i'm a final year bca student... gotta do a proj...soplz mail me Mobile Shop Management System source code in and backend sql at [email protected].. I'm desperate.. plz help

hi this website help me much more as i expect from someone;

can u snd me the sql coding at [email protected]

hiiiii arun, this is manikanta, i need one project for my external exam. i m final year of BCA , plsss can you arrange any new existing project......plsssss

mail me ... ( [email protected] ) ........

does any body have source for library management system in sql with vb fronedn.?????


please help me to convert library management system to sql with vb frontend.


[email protected]


[email protected]

sir..could you send me the password and username to run the sample system that you did ( Library Management System(Updated) for second time ) so that i can show the system how it is running...please do a reply...thanks

hello sir,what is the password and username that i can used to run your library management system(updated) for second time? could you please send me the information?so that i could show your system how it is running..

How to build library system

Sir can you help me to create a penalty form with this system. penalty of the student who borrowed books. pls sir. im still beginner on this language. tnx sir in advance


hi sir, can you help on converting the library management system into online library management system? ..

i need to connect instead to ms acces to sql server ..


1. Create database and tables in sql server management studion.
2. open "visual studio 2008".
3. Add new dataset, select sql server
4. click on view data sources and add a new data source.
4. select ur database and import all the tables.
6. aftr dat jus drag and drop the desired table and play it!!!
7. Simple and no code required!!!

i have connected to ms access and when i add records from the vb interface the data is sent but when i access the database there are no records. please help

The issue may be because of connection to database or the insert statement. If you mail me the source code, i will correct it and reply back. Mail me at [email protected] or else see my project. The ways to insert, update or delete can be seen in my project.

i need help 4 my project in tuesday feb7 is d deadline... i am looking 4 library system with penalty if the book did not return in due date.. can u help me. i will appreciate it very much ") tnx sir...

dis is my email [email protected]

your commad is incorrect...
try to execute your query..

[...] This is my 1st update but not the last update of Library Management System. I have included many and critical updates and fixed many of the bugs that came into my sight. source codes – Google Blog Search [...]

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