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Knows create and print barcode labels program
Need to develop data that does not appear when you preview barcode printing

Advanced version:


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الف شكر ليك يا باشا وتسم على مجهودك

Dear Bibo2030... it works fine...ُExcelled.... Thanks a lot bro...

انت معلم و احنا منك نتعلم
نسكت و انت موجود ما نرضى نتكلم

Dear Sir,
Please english translate....
[email protected]

This doesn't seem to be readable by a barcode scanner - any tips?

I used your code and it worked perfectly OK. Thanx. I now want to print barcode in GS1 Databar Expanded format. Please guide me how to do this.

israr a kazi

I need your help. I tried your code and it worked perfectly all right. Thanx a lot. My requirement now is that I want to print barcodes in GS1 Databar extended. Please guide me how to do this.

Israr A Kazi

Good codes Men.....thank you.

barcode succes print but why product name is not print too

thanks so much, please english translate

I'm little bit confused. What types of barcode does this code generate? I googled Barcode for VB.NET, saying there are different types for that, ie different codes are needed?

Your Barcode application was nice and working perfectly but one issue i faced is that the quality of the printing of the barcode is not good so please help me to improve the quality of the print of barcode...

because the barcode reader does not accept that output...

can't open in vb2010. Please help me
Email: [email protected]

Hi, are you looking for a tutorial of generating barcode images in VB.NET? Sample VB code is also provided.

Thank you so much , your code is very helpful

hey!! thanx for the source code :-) m new here so i was looking for step by step tutorial for building billing form with the help of barcode scanner ? :-O

Hey !!! thanx for the source code :-) can you please tell me where can i find the step by step tutorial of building the billing form using barcode scanner ? :-O

thanks so much

Thank you for the comments and promise to soon be a full system to print and read barcode labels open source

Hi friend,

Thanks for uploading the code for make barcode.Can you please upload the code for barcode Scanning process.

I am currently developing this program and soon the upload source code of the new program and I will translate it to english

i cant understand urdu if u dont mine i need the barcode reader its vry urgent can u send the code to my gmail if it is possible [email protected]

ı downloaded but ı cannot see the codes. ı am trying to open the solution in visual studio 2010. but ı couldnt. it is very emergent.

Good website

hey...i have found a way to translate what he has written in arabic...just use this copy the ones that you find in arabic letters and paste it...then click translate....

hope it using it right now and im slowly getting the flow of this codes....

thank you! it helps a lot! ^_^

I have no comment at the moment

can you please translate your text names into english language??

I will soon be translated into English

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