School Management System Version 2.0

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Main Features are:

Profile Entry
Hostelers Entry
Bus Holders Entry
2)Employee Profile Entry
Profile Entry
Bus Holders Entry
Salary Payment
Class Fees Payment
Bus Fees Payment
Hostel Fees Payment
4) Transportation Management
5) Class Fees Payment Receipt
6) Hostel Fees Payment Receipt
7) Bus Fees Payment Receipt
8) Salary slip
9) Student Report Card

Change Password
Password Recovery
Advance Records Searching
Advance Reports
System Logs,Database backup and restore, support multiple schools
No dues doc and students card submission

Modules will be added in future version 2.0

1. Library management system
2. Exams module
3. Results module
4. SMS Module
5. EMAIL Module
And many more options.......

Login Information:
Username – yaksh
Password – yaksh

Requirements – Visual Studio 2010 or Visual Studio 2012 and Crystal Report for VS 2010 must be installed on your system to run this Project Successfully.
This Project can be used as Final Year Project for BE/BTech/BS/BCA/MCA/MSc students

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contact me at

[email protected]
FB :
skype- yaksh_jatin
what’s App – +919727762216
Contact Number – +919727762216

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I saw your Hospital management software Video in Youtube. I like it. Please send me the source code. Its only for to improve my skill not for business purpose. This is my mail id [email protected]

Dear, thank you for you job.

Please can you share all the software because it looks like some forms are missing in this solution.

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