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PHP - Convert Array To String

In this tutorial we will create a Convert Array To String using PHP. PHP is a server-side scripting language designed primarily for web development. It is a lean and consistent way to access databases. This means developers can write portable code much easier. It is mostly used by a newly coders for its user friendly environment. So Let's do the coding...

Before we get started:

First you have to download & install XAMPP or any local server that run PHP scripts. Here's the link for XAMPP server Lastly, this is the link for the bootstrap that i used for the layout design

Creating The Interface

This is where we will create a simple form for our application. To create the forms simply copy and write it into you text editor, then save it as index.php.

PHP - Convert Array To String

['Jaguar F – Pace', 'Jaguar F – Type (SVR)', 'Jaguar F-Type Convertible'], 'Ferrari' => ['Ferrari 488', 'LaFerrari', 'Ferrari FF'], 'Mini' => ['MINI Coupe', 'MINI Cooper', 'MINI Roadster'], 'Porsche' => ['Porsche Cayman', 'Porsche Boxter GTS', 'Porsche Boxter'] ]; ?>

Creating the Main Function

This code contains the main function of the application. This code will get the array of data, then will display into a HTML table. To do this just kindly copy and write these block of codes inside the text editor, then save it as convert.php $list){ ?> $value){ ?>
There you have it we successfully created Convert Array To String using PHP. I hope that this simple tutorial help you to what you are looking for. For more updates and tutorials just kindly visit this site. Enjoy Coding!!!

Note: Due to the size or complexity of this submission, the author has submitted it as a .zip file to shorten your download time. After downloading it, you will need a program like Winzip to decompress it.

Virus note: All files are scanned once-a-day by for viruses, but new viruses come out every day, so no prevention program can catch 100% of them.


1. Re-scan downloaded files using your personal virus checker before using it.
2. NEVER, EVER run compiled files (.exe's, .ocx's, .dll's etc.)--only run source code.

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