Bus Tracking System

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Bus Tracking System

This Bus Tracking System is created to track the location of the buses and to manage the schedule of the buses in every branch location. The passengers can view the scheduled of the buses on the tv screen in every bus terminal. Whether the bus is On Travel, Arrived, Delayed, or Cancelled trip and they can view where's the location of the buses in every terminal. And this system can generate reports.

Admin Login:

username: admin
password: admin

This system contains:

  • Track the Location of the Buses
  • Bus (CRUD)
  • Driver (CRUD)
  • Dispatcher (CRUD)
  • Admin (CRUD)
  • Dispatcher Profile
  • Driver Profile
  • Bus Information
  • Branch Information
  • Manage Schedule
  • Reports

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Please what is the username and password

Schedule.php missing

Not Found
The requested URL /*******/admin/schedule.php was not found on this server.

Pa send din po ng manage schedule.. thanks
[email protected]

login not going through with the password and username indicated above.

Its good. well done. useful

Pasend naman po kuya yong add schedule. wala po kasi sa naka zip n attachment. Pasend naman po sa email ko. [email protected]

nag add po kasi ako ng add schedule kaso hindi nag sesave yong busid and driverid sa table na schedule.

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