Tetris Game using C# WPF with Source Code

About This Tetris project is a simple single-player game developed in Visual Studio using C# language and ( WPF ) Windows Presentation Foundation UI Framework. The Tetris works like some other Tetris game applications which is the goal of the player is to destroy a line/lines of blocks to prevent square/boxes block reach the top. The blocks can also be rotated and sprint dropping. Download the

Simple CRM Call Logs (WPF, C#, MVVM, Databinding, Code First Entity Framework)

This a running WPF app... To run the program... Step 0: install EntityFramework in the nuget package manager Step 1: * Delete all the migration files (e.g 201809271109154_InitialDatabase.cs) under the Migrations Folder that is also under the CRM.DataAccess Library Project Step 2: * Change the [Data Source] value of the connection string in to name of your local server instance in SQL Server in the

Thermal POS Printer

This project demonstrates how to print to thermal receipt printer with a sample WPF POS application. No database is required. Just Setup your business information, enter dummy data into the POS and print to a printer or to pdf. Follow Source Code Updates on GitHub https://github.com/frankodoom/PosPrint

WPF Listview Demo Project for beginners

Hi to all, I am also beginner in c#. I just started to learn c# WPF code. Here's a sample source code for beginners to implement listview in wpf.(if download not works please use the link below) https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1OCKdgpoA5DQnq736D5B4kM0XNPIIHio0?usp=sharing Regarding this, if you have any queries please let me know. cpnissam@gmail.com The same time I am stuck some where to

Analog Gauge Control in C# WPF .NET 3.5

This is Gauge control in C# WPF where you can configure it as you like and you can measure whatever you use in your program like temperature, voltage and more.Τhere are many properties in the control where you will find them in Properties panel in "Gauge Control" category. The .zip file include the control project and 2 demo project that show how to use the gauge control.

CRUD using WPF and MS Access

This program shows how to Insert, Read, Update and Delete data using WPF and MS Access. technology used -: Visual Studio 2013 MS Access -: 2016 In my previous code WPF DEMO I have show how WPF works. Contact me for: Anyone who needs program or source code for thesis writing or any Professional Software Development (desktop/Web): Like and share our facebook page for more updates and technology

Waist to Hip Ratio Calculator

This application calculates your waist to hip ratio and gives you the results to two decimal places. It also gives you the results accurate for your sex. It groups the results into three categories of excellent, average, or poor, depending on the value and then gives corresponding health advice. Increasingly doctors see waist to hip ratio as a more accurate measurement of health/fitness than the