voting system

KCC SSAO E-voting System

This system is created using Visual Basic 2008 and Microsoft Access 2007 is used for Database support and crystal Report is the tool used for reporting. In this system, it introduces a computerized registration form for each voter through which voter details, including name, course, year level, etc. can be entered. From these details an algorithm will generate a unique id. This registration system

Lucky 3 Voting System in MS Access

Author: Jelly Ann Echavez, Philip Cesar Garay, Arbie Ratunil Introduction Background of the Study Mindanao State University at Naawan Campus was founded as a field laboratory of the MSU College of Fisheries. In pursuant to Memorandum Order No. 3 and no. 45 and BOR resolution 92, series of 1988. MSU Naawan was formally organized as a distinct autonomous unit of the MSU System. MSU at Naawan for

Voting System

A replacement for pen and white board for voting system. You may use this little program to cast your vote for the nominated member in your association. Usage: 1. Enter nominee or candidate in Nominate form. 2. Open Couting form to vote for your candidate - highlight the name of the candidate and click the increase button to increase the vote for a selected candidate. Otherwise click the decrease