Lucky 3 Voting System in MS Access

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Author: Jelly Ann Echavez, Philip Cesar Garay, Arbie Ratunil Introduction Background of the Study Mindanao State University at Naawan Campus was founded as a field laboratory of the MSU College of Fisheries. In pursuant to Memorandum Order No. 3 and no. 45 and BOR resolution 92, series of 1988. MSU Naawan was formally organized as a distinct autonomous unit of the MSU System. MSU at Naawan for having students that has grown up to about a thousand students now, delivered a quality and excellent education to the people residing in the municipality of Naawan and also to the neighboring town. For many years since this University founded, this institution had already conducted many major university student council election of officers for the MSUN Supreme Student Council. It was so evident unfortunately that the turnover of these said elections had turned to be slow and tiresome. It was slow because of the following scenarios: 1.) The Election is done manually, so the canvassing is consuming a big amount of time, in fact in most of the elections the canvassing of votes took a long hours and more time consume. 2.) Miscount of votes that may cause for under vote or otherwise over vote. 3.) Mistally and misstated vote for a candidate. It was hard and tiresome on the part of the election facilitators because it needs a lot of energy and time to overcome the complexity of the preparations and the holding of the election down to the canvassing of votes. So with these problems the call for a change is considered. Since this University adapted many new courses and one of these courses is Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. As a student in this course there is a call and a need for reformation and revitalization of the existing traditional and manual voting system. The implementation of the computerized voting system is the answer for this chaos. Rationale This project was founded and created to replace the existing manual voting system that had produced inconvenience not only to the voters but also to the election facilitators. Our goal was to develop a secure, fast, accurate, user-friendly, and a stand-alone system for a small scale election. Objectives of the Study This study seeks to developed a system that will address the following: 1.) To implement a fast, easy and systematic way of conducting a voters registration and candidate applications. 2.) To properly manage the election in a well organized manner. 3.) To generate quickly a correct, accurate and reliable canvassing result. 4.) To generate instantly needed summarized and accomplishment reports. Scope and Limitations of the Study The researchers has anticipated covering in there study and program design the following: 1.) The system is designed solely for the student government election only. 2.) The system could append instantly voters and candidates. 3.) The system would be responsible for counting the votes. 4.) The system has the capability to release required reports regarding the list of voters, candidates and canvassing of results. 5.) The system is designed with a user security access level in some services. The researchers have made the following limitations to there study: 1.) The system is responsible of determining the authenticity of the voter except for his/her studentID and password. 2.) The list of courses is already predefined in the system upon when voter or student is registered. 3.) Candidates’ record after the election will be saved and will be manually deleted on the system. 4.) Student that officially registered as voter can only vote. 5.) The system is created with a security level, passwords of some system services are implemented. 6.) A candidate must first apply as candidate before registering as a voter. 7.) This system was configured for stand alone PC’s only. Statement of the problem The need to design and make a computerized voting system may be able to conduct the election in a fast, correct, and convenient way and to achieve good and accuracy in its results. Hypothesis of the study Computerized voting systems are widely used in elections. This paper describes using a computerized voting system as the basis for a project in an Information Technology course. Through the formulation of this system the students are indeed confident that the whole electoral process will not only be fast and quick but most of all accurate and precise. Significance of the study It is the concern of the researchers to build a computerized voting system that will be used by the Supreme Student Council of MSU at Naawan. It will help to eliminate frauds and maneuvers in canvassing considering that the computer will be the one to count the votes. And it will also give convenience to the students and especially to the facilitators in terms of time consumption and hassles.

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hi... your prgram is so nice.. may i have the source code? thanks kindly send it to [email protected]

Anu po ang username and password? hindi kupo ma-access. Tnx po.
Gagamitin ku lang po as aming system..Tnx po ulit.

username and password sir
send it to my email [email protected]

Hi.... it is very useful... may i know how to edit the background?can you also give the codes if you dont really helps..tnx

How to add more positions except from president senator vp?

EMAIL ME THE SOURCE CODE PLS [email protected]


Ask ko lang po on how to count the votes for the system

hi... your prgram is so nice.. may i have the source code? thanks kindly send it to [email protected]

can i use the visual basic to do the same thing like this oone and is it are system or program

bakit pag nag vote ako hindi ko mabilang ang mga vote sir ?

May I know on how to download these awesome project in MS Access. Btw, I'm newbie in this forum. thanks.

Bro u have this very interesting but i m going to design and implement computerized election system that willl help people in voting through computer instead of ballot ..............
will u help me plz.

Bro u have this very interesting but i m going to design and implement computerized election system that willl help people in voting through computer instead of ballot ..............
will u help me plz.

please send me the code of the project...and this is my email...

[email protected]

please send ASAP. thanx alot for sharing.

Please if u send me the code for the this awesome project. it will really help me. thanx for sharing the project.

If we agree that you develop some systems and i find some markets in our county, can you agree? my email: [email protected]

bro nice system...but i need the source code couz her in my school..wla pakaming ganyan soo we decided to make a system like yours...hope you understand...thanx..please send the source code to [email protected]

bro.. your program is very nice.. would mind to share your system to our group? coz were having problem about our election system.. it would be a great help for us if u could help.. here's my email: [email protected] ..anyways.. GOOD JOB! thumbs up!

Please give the password to open your project in my email id:
[email protected]

it is nice for me, that after making my eyes become black, I finally found the appropriate program for voting. The only obstacle I found is I don't understand how to make this program suitable for my purpose.
As a matter of fact, I want to use this program for election in our catholic youth organization in bandung


I would like to ask if you can send me the source code as reference to built the voting system for my company( it is just for internal use for employee benefit). I am not a programmer so that i need a lot of help to built this system ( even i have programmer team in my company but because some reason, i not able to ask them built this kind of system for me), so i have to use Access to built my own system for another department. Hope you will consider it, thanks.

What is the password?
Email me @ [email protected]

do u have php codes for election voting?

Bro. pwede mo ba na miashare ung docu thesis mo ng computerized voting system?thanks:D

I think Chapter 1 is already enough for you to start your documentation... You should learn to create on your not relying on others work...

hello Dud..
can you give me the source code so that i can edit the background also the menus and the school name... but we will also include the authors..and your school logo.

can you send in this email [email protected]

thank you

Hello can i edit the Background or the School. but we will also include your name as the author..


Please give me the password to open it.. email me @[email protected] plsss... thanks in advance!

Thanks a lot for sharing
btw, how to change background, menu title
thk b 4

Hello you source code can not run because it error with macro.

hi i read thru ur article n loved it, am developing a computerised voting system and would like ur help. may u plizz send me a copy of ur source codes for guidance. Marty from Uganda

Thank you for appreciating our work, well you can download our source code here for free and you can copy our documentation for free also.. No need for sending, just download it here.


I have a problem that you might be able to help me solve if you have time to help me please here is my project. Let me know if you can help i will appreciate it.

For your course project, you must create a computerized library system. This system should keep track of the library's collection as well as the library patrons and the materials they have borrowed from the library. Your solution to this problem must be object-oriented, written in C++ using appropriate classes/objects. You will also need to submit appropriate documentation for your system. The system you create must be functional. The completed project must include the following functionality and characteristics:
Data Tables
• The library material information is maintained in a table that includes information such as title, format (e.g., book, audio CD, DVD, etc.), author, ISBN, year published, name of publisher, call number, and copy number.
• Patron data must include a patron ID number, last name, first name, phone number, email address, street address, city, state, and zip.
• A third table must keep track of the materials checked out by each patron. The fields would be the patron ID, the name of the item held by the patron, and its due date.
• Your initial input for the three tables should be from a file that you create.
User Interface
You should also have a user interface that allows the user to do the following:
o Enter a new volume into the system
o Enter a new patron into the system, or handle a “check-in” or “check-out” transaction, and then store this data back to your file
Your program should create reports that list the following:
o Overdue books (you may choose the appropriate information to include in this report)
o Books listed by author
o Patrons listed alphabetically with the materials they have checked out
The documentation requirements for this system include a user manual that will give your user (instructor) complete details about how to operate your system and generate the required reports. The manual should have a polished, professional appearance, be properly referenced, and should be saved as a Word document. Correct grammar and spelling are required. Fonts and margins should be consistent throughout. A cover page is also required. The manual should be as long as necessary to completely document your software.

Hello Anonymous... first, im willing to help you.. but due to my OJT training I cant pay my attention to help somebody right now and creating such application or project using C++ classes and objects needs more time. Actually I haven't tried also creating project using C++, I tried only on Java.. Maybe one thing I could help you is an advice only...

1.) As long as you have internet connection in your home, just Google everything...I know you can find there if you are resourceful enough...

2.) Search on every Open Source Site... cause Open Source application provides FREE SOURCE CODE... I think most or some open source software is written in C++ as far I know..

3.) Try searching "Open Source Library System" or "Open Source Library System in C++" or try on

the key there is "JUST BE RESOURCEFUL"

we are from the BSCS-IV Students of SDSSU Lianga Campus we are making a thesis writing if it is okay were going to use your work as our basis or our guide. we will just cited it in our references. Thanks.

thank you i appreciate it that could be helpful thanks again.

5 pts for this one!

Thank you....

Philip Cesar B. Garay
Mindanao State University at Naawan
9023 Philippines
Naawan, Misamis Oriental

im also a 2nd year student and im about to make a voting system wouldyou mind giving me the no executable file?

username:==> philip
password:==> bagares

*Election Officer
username:==> jelly
password:==> echavez
username:==> arbie
password:==> ratunil

*some system password
==> admin

*password on updating votes to 0

this project is created for the subject Csc 151 (Database system)
Lucky III Voting System
by: Philip Cesar Garay, Jelly Ann Echavez, and Arbie Ratunil

hello, your program is very nice, can you share the un and pw?

awesome....nice system but i cant open it invalid password...sir can you send to me the [email protected]^_^.t.y

please post here the password and user name

Hi there...can u send me the password. if u don mind, i wana try to study your system. i plan to create a new system just for my office use...send the username and password to this email [email protected]

hey please send me the password and the source e-mail is [email protected] thanx

please help me i cant open it because the password is invalid.. please sent me the correct password in my email ad.. [email protected]

Please give me the password.. email me @ [email protected] plsss... thanks in advance!

u have done a wonderful application.... would mind sending me the exe file, i just want to see the application once

Hi.. were a thesis and our topic is computerized voting system of our school if you don't mind can we use your system as a reference to our study?? and can i get the password and the Username.. Thanks it will help us to finish our thesis..this is my email add. [email protected].. please!! ^^

thank's but I can't open invalid password.


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