# VB.Net

Restore database

You can use this code to restore database into SQL server Private Sub BtnRestore_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles BtnRestore.Click Try Dim database = CmbDatabase .Text Dim ServrnameRestore = CmbServer .Text .Trim Dim OpenFile1 As New OpenFileDialog Dim Constr As String Constr ="Data Source=" & ServrnameRestore &"; Initial Catalog=master; Integrated Security=True" 'Open connection

Design and Implementation of Computerized Tourism Information System

This code is aims to developing a window based TOURISM INFORMATION SYSTEM .The new system designed when implemented will help the tourism industry in the rendering of services to the Public and to enhance their corporate image both within and outside the country thereby bring about increase revenue yield as a result of inverse patronage of their services. The system helps to keep record of all

Visual Basic Payroll System

In this tutorial we will teach you how to create a Payroll System written in Visual Basic. This simple application creates a automatic calculation of salary using this payroll system. The application calculates the Rate, Hour per day, and deducts the Phil-Health, SSS, Monthly wages, and etc. The application works by putting a value from the Rate per hour, Hour per day, and Number of days work.