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Phone Shop Sales Managements System using PHP with Source Code

This is a PHP Project entitled Phone Shop Sales Management System. This project manages the phone store's sales transactions. This web application stores the phone shop's stocks and records the available stocks. This also generates a printable invoice. The project has 3 types of users which are the Administrator, Manager, and Seller. The source code is easy to understand which can help you learn

Dashboard System Admin, MVC and API Framework with PHP Postgres-SQL and jQuery

Dashboard Admin Permission => create user and add permissions of routes. Create controller,model,view from terminal. User with a specific role User can modify the the personal data and password User can add single or multiple movies from IMDB User can add single or multiple books from google Super user can change role delete or insert role, can add permissions or delete them, This project support

Point Of Sale (POS) Ultimate and Advanced

This Program Caawiye (POS) is Under Developing Source. I can say it could be more useful and good reference for those who learn design and developing a Software. Features * Reports Basic on Date and Time. * Sales Invoice With Advanced auto increment Invoices. * Item Record/ * Product Warehouse. * Customer Care and Information Gathering. Database Name: caawiye Username and Password: User =