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Quick Math Using HTML, CSS and JavaScript with Source Code

Quick Math, an exciting and quick mathematical challenge that will put your arithmetic skills to the test! In this web-based game created with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, you'll embark on a journey of rapid mental calculations and race against the clock. Quick Math, much like the Word Scramble and Rock, Paper, Scissors, that includes elements of randomness and quick thinking to create an engaging

Random Number/Line Selector in Visual Basic

Introduction: This tutorial is on how to create a 'Random Choice' tool which will randomly select either a line from a text file, or a random number. Design: For this we want; -Random Number- Numericupdown, numericupdown1, hold the minimum possible random number value. Numericupdown, numericupdown2, hold the maximum possible random number value. Button, button1, Select a random number. -Text File Line Selector- Button, button2, Select the file and choose a random number, converted to line. Imports: The first thing we need to do is import th

How to generate a Random number using RNGCryptoServiceProvid

We can easily generate a unique Random number by using the inbuilt class "RNGCryptoServiceProvider".For doing this simply add class namespace to the header of the code-behind. using System.Security.Cryptography; write a simple function "GetUniqueKey" private string GetUniqueKey() { int maxSize = 8; int minSize = 5; char[] chars = new char[62]; string a;