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Profit and Loss

Simple Accounting System using C# and MS SQL Server with Source Code

This is a very Simple Accounting System for newbies in C#. This project comprises of Chart of Accounts, Simple transactions, a System for Debit And Credit of customers, and other income or expense transactions. It generates reports which are Profit/Loss Statement, Customer Statements, and cashbook statements. This C# project was developed with SQL Server as the back end and Crystal Report. You

Stock Management

Creates Invoices, Creates Receipts, Return of Products Reports: - Customer's Operations - Product List according to the customers - Product list according to the quantity sold - stock value - profit between two dates - profit by salesmen - list of products must be purchased - profit according to the customers. . . . . . . . . username: admin password:

Easy Excel Bookkeeping

Instant Excel bookkeeping without any macros or VBA code. For bookkeeping beginners There are two sheets in this workbook: Ledger and TrialBalance. The Ledger sheet is arranged in the traditional T format for double entry bookkeeping. The TrialBalance sheet calculates its results from the Ledger sheet. This excel workbook is just a teaching aid to help students understand how debits and credits