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Calendar with Easter Date and Hard Copy Printout

This is the C# version of my calendar program, (in June 2017 I wrote a similar version in PHP). This C# version can display a calendar of 12 months for any year from 1583 to 2099, and also the date of Easter Sunday. The program includes a feature to allow you to print the calendar on paper or to send the calendar text to a PDF driver, (if you have one installed). Written using Visual Studio 2010

Thermal POS Printer

This project demonstrates how to print to thermal receipt printer with a sample WPF POS application. No database is required. Just Setup your business information, enter dummy data into the POS and print to a printer or to pdf. Follow Source Code Updates on GitHub

Easter date and 12 Months Calendar for any year in PHP

Calendar The files within the calendar zip file comprise a simple PHP program to allow you to generate a calendar for any year as a web page and to print it out on one page of A4 size paper. It also calculates the date of Easter Sunday. You can set the year by tagging it on as a parameter to the end of the URL like this: http://localhost/calendar/calendar.php?year=1912 If you don’t tag on the year