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Simple PHP Blog

This is one of good Blog Application that allow user to create new blog category. Add new blog post in a given category. Display all blog posts, all blog categories with their posts. In the source there is blog.sql file just create a new database called blog then import it to that database and enjoy. for any questions contact me in private message system of this website or through email yethroy

Forum Tutorial - Deleting Posts

Introduction: This tutorial is on how to add the ability for a user to delete their posts. The Theory: We could add a user panel where it lists all the users posts along with options to delete them, but instead we are going to add a delete option adjacent to the post itself to save space - plus I'm planning on making an admin panel tutorial soon. The PHP: So in the part of the PHP where we actually output each reply to a thread, we want to check if the logged in users' username held in the session variable is equal to the author of the post,