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RetailStar Lite Point of Sale Software Using C#, SQLite/PostgreSQL

Easy to Install & intuitive user interface Works right out of the box with minimal configuration Quick Sale Mode, Sell to Existing Customer or Add New Customer on the Fly. Cash Drawer Management: Know the exact amount that should be in the Cash drawer at any Time! Use any Standard Barcode Scanner. Staff Management and access control levels Product Management Extensive Inventory Management and

Pharmacy Point of Sale and Inventory System VB.NET

Pharmacy Point of Sale and Inventory System This is a pharmacy point of sale and inventory system written in VB.NET. Features of this System Categories Suppliers Customers Order Order Payment Employees Products Monitor Expired Products Point of Sale List Of Transactions Update Balance payment Expenses Inventory Daily, Weekly, Monthly Report Stocks In Stocks Out Reports Reorder Level Monitoring

Point of Sale and Inventory System C#.Net Version 2.0

This is a complete point of sale and inventory system written in C#.NET. You can use this system to your future project. System Features Staff/Employee Categories Products Point of Sale Inventory Daily Sales Report By User Daily Sales Report By Invoice Stocks In Stocks Out/Sales Reorder Level Automatically Print Receipt RePrint Receipt Company And VAT Setting UPDATE 06-18-2017 : Product Import

Point of Sale and Inventory System V.2

This is a complete point of sale and inventory system written in Visual Basic .NET. Features: - Categories - Employees - Products - Point of Sale - Inventory - Daily, Weekly, Monthly Report - Stocks In - Stocks Out - Reorder Level - Monitoring Stocks - Automatically Print Receipt VIDEO DEMO LINK : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EH6Y6z_HQ1c C# VERSION : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uYQXUCdbLRU

Complete Inventory Management Software version [GST Updates]

This Project written in VB.NET as front end and MS SQL Server 2008 r2 as Back end. Changes Log in v4.0 : 1. Barcode Support 2. Barcode label printing module 3. Purchase return module 4. Sales Return Module Main Features are: Master Entries : Company Info Company's Contacts Category Sub Category SMS Setting SQL Server Setting Customers Management Suppliers Management Products Management Expense

Java Point-of-Sale System for Tapsihan

This is a Point-of-Sale System for Tapsihan. Language: Java Database: MS Access This system features to have its own menu for foods like tapsilog, hamsilog, etc., drinks like softdrinks such as coke 8oz, 12oz, etc,., and extras like rice, tapa, logganiza because all of these are fixed in a Tapsihan. This system also covers to add all the desired order of the customer via clicking the images and

POS & Inventory System Now Available Commercially at eSourceCode

Due to insistent public demands and numerous inquiries the website have received from our international and local clients, the company have decided to developed and polished the commercial version of the POS & Inventory System to cater the respective needs of our prospective buyers. For the past few years, the Point-of-Sale & Inventory System was the most searched keyword on this site, so we made

Antamedia Point of Sale (APOS) Software Review

Antamedia Point of Sale software Premium Edition is one of the best-selling software from Antamedia, one of the leading software developer whose customers were among the world's Top 100 Fortune companies. The Antamedia Point of Sale (APOS) Software Premium Edition is an easy-to-use inventory control system which will help you track all your sales, customers, vendors, purchase orders and you can

C# MYSQL Point Of Sale Software

Hi all, I'v created this for a computer sales center. check this out and if have any errors, inclinations please leave heare.., [email protected]. thank you, Have fun...! database : Sales Login UserNAme: AdminJIK Password : 1234 Copy 'POS' folder to "C:\Program Files\" and add 6 wallpapers and Rename it as 'POS (1).jpg' ,'POS (2).jpg'.... 'POS (6).jpg'.