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PHP Mini-Project Source Code

Online Diagnostic Lab Management System in PHP with Free Source Code

Introduction This is a simple PHP Mini-Project entitled Online Diagnostic Lab Management System. This is a web-based application that serves as an online platform for diagnostic labs to manage their patient Laboratory test. The system also allows clients/patients to book an appointment. This simple project can help the said medical lab testing manage the records of the appointment and test result

Simple File Manager Web App using PHP and MySQL Database Free Source Code

In this article, I will be sharing with you a simple Web Application called File Manager Web App. This mini-project was developed using PHP and MySQL Database. The application is able to store/Upload, retrieve, download, and delete files. In this project source code, you will learn how to manage file uploads using PHP Language. I am sharing this source code because I think this will be useful for

Simple Issue Tracker System Project using PHP and SQLite Source Code Free Download

Introduction This is a Simple Issue Tracker System in PHP. It is a mini-project that manages the issues for some processes, forms, products, or anything that needs to be fixed with another department of the company. It is a sort of issue ticketing system that provides an automated platform for the company's employees to raise the problem or issue they encounter for a certain process/turn over a