How to Create a Navigation Bar in HTML/CSS

This simple tutorial will teach you how to make a Navigation Bar through CSS script in horizontal and vertical postion. A navigation bar is a user interface element within a webpage that contains links to other sections of the website. In most cases, the navigation bar is part of the main website template, which means it is displayed on most, if not all, pages within the website. This means that no matter what page you are viewing, you can use the navigation bar to visit other sections of the website.

How to Create Dropdown Navigation with jQuery and CSS

In this tutorial, we are going to learn how to create Dropdown Navigation with jQuery and CSS. This simple work can help you to build a beautiful yet powerful drop down navigation menu in your created page. This work built using nested HTML lists and a help of the jQuery’s plugin like slide down and slide up animations and using CSS.

Sticky Top Navigation Menu using jQuery Plugin

Sticky Top Navigation Menu using jQuery Plugin

This is another tutorial for jQuery menu plugin that our navigation menu stick at the top of our page when the user scrolling down our created page. This plugin also provides other function that to know the user what they are currently viewing on the page corresponding to the stick navbar menu.

Book record Navigation Using Visual Basic.Net

In this tutorial, I'm going to teach you how to create a Book Navigation using Visual basic and Microsoft Access for database. This tutorial will help both novice, or an enthusiast programmer to understand the concept of how to add a record navigation in any system especially when you are planning to create or developing a library system. To start on lesson, open visual basic and add save it as “Record Navigation”. Then we’re going to add controls such four labels, four Text box and four Buttons.