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CRUD using WPF and MS Access

This program shows how to Insert, Read, Update and Delete data using WPF and MS Access. technology used -: Visual Studio 2013 MS Access -: 2016 In my previous code WPF DEMO I have show how WPF works. Contact me for: Anyone who needs program or source code for thesis writing or any Professional Software Development (desktop/Web): Like and share our facebook page for more updates and technology

Student Record Archiving in Microsoft Access

In this tutorial we will create Student Record Archieving in MSAccess. When you deal with a lot of Microsoft Access data, involving many records in your database tables, you may not always wish to have all of that data stored in the one main table, that is accessed on a regular basis. You may need to regularly archive your Access data so that you are only dealing with the most current up to date records.

Enrollment System using Java + MSAccess

This Enrollment System for Surigao City Pilot School was developed using Java as the Frontend and MS Access Database integration. This features the following: - Login - Student Information - Enrollment Billing - Section - Grade Level - User Settings Data Source Name: EnrollmentSYS Software to be used: JCreator/NetBeans/Eclipse Account Information: username: a password: a For more inquiries and

Hotel Reservation and Billing System using C#/MSAccess

This is a system entitled Hotel Reservation and Billing System programmed through C# and MS Access database for my client in their Software Engineering subject. Features of the System: - Guest Information - Guest List - Room Information - Room Monitoring - Discount Information - Room Reservation - Room Check-in - Checkout - Guest Checked-in List - Guest Reservation List - User Registration Account

Product Information System using VB.NET/MS Access

Hi guys! I want to share with you this Product Information System created by 2nd year ITP students using Visual Basic.NET and MS Access as database. This system was programmed through Visual Studio 2010 and have your crystal reports installed. This system features: - add, edit, delete, search product information - product records - login/logout - user registration - inquiry - stockin for having

Advance Login Form

This Login Form With Logs File Filter The 3 Type of User Admin Staff Guest Can log this information Date & Time Now Computer Name Host Name Ip Address Username Encrypted Password Type (Login & Logout) but logout are not available Registration Username/ Encrypted Password User type admin-- Username : admin password : admin staff-- Username : staff password : staff guest -- Username : guest password

Class Scheduling System

Automated Class Scheduling System was created specifically for the Arts and Sciences Department of Northern Negros State College of Science and Technology to provide accuracy, speed and effective class schedule. Features: 1. create a complete class schedule 2. Database Utility (Restore and Backup) 3. Report generation (class schedule, faculty schedule, room schedule, etc)