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Hotel Management System in VB.NET and MySQL Free Source Code

This Hotel Management System is an automated management system that aims to simplify the task of managing hotel operations and functions. If you are a person with an entrepreneurial mindset this system is ideal if you want to put up a small hotel business. This system allows guests to make direct reservations and bookings by calling the front desk. They can also do walk-in reservations and

Library Management System Using PHP and MySQL with Source Code

This is a Simple Library Management System project that was developed using PHP . The system has 2 types of system users which are the Administrator and the students. The administrator is in charge to manage system data such as the books. The student users can read the announcements and borrow books. The system also computes the overdue fines of the students for their borrowed books. This is a

ICT Laboratory Management System using PHP/PDO with Source Code

This project is called as ICT Laboratory Management System and developed using PHP/PDO . This system allows you to record the ins and outs of items that belong to the ICT Laboratory . This is useful in terms of keeping track of the inventory of the Laboratory's items. Talking about tracking the available items, this system has borrowed and returning items feature. By this, the system can

Online Student's Management System in PHP with Full Source Code (2020) 

Online Student's Management System in PHP with Full Source Code (2020) The Online Student Management System is made up of PHP, CSS, Bootstrap and JavaScript. The Student Record System is designed to help schools manage all their student records and administration. It contains two sides which is the admin side and the staff side. The admin plays a big part in managing the Student Record System

Real Estate Management System with SMS Notification

Features/Functions 1. Manage Subdivisions Information 2. Manage Clients Information 3. Manage Lot Information 4. Manage Contract Information 5. Manage Payments 6. Daily Payment Collections Report 7. Monthly/Yearly Payment Collections Report 8. Monthly/Yearly Sold Lot Report 9. Monthly/Yearly Sales 10. Penalty 11. SMS Notification 12. Summary Report DEMO VIDEO HERE:

Order Management System v.1 (OMS) using File Handling (Text Files)

Description: A system that provides efficiency of recording orders and provide a receipt with ease. The system has the basic functionalities of updating products provided with relative image, as well with adding products to a certain order. Using a simple file handling method to store datas in textfiles, it becomes much easier to update records if such errors occured. This system really has the

Resort Management System

This is one of the thesis/capstone projects that I have made for a particular school entitled Resort Management System for Seafarer's Inn. This is programmed thru Visual Basic and SQL Server 2000 as backend. Features of the system: 1. Room, pool, and cottage reservation 2. Room check-in, pool and cottage rental 3. Accepts and cancels reservation 4. Generate refunds 5. Add, edit, delete, and search

Veterinary Clinic Management System for Surigao Pet Doctors

This is a system entitled Veterinary Clinic Management System for Surigao Pet Doctors that was programmed using Visual Basic 6.0 and SQL Server 2000. This is a thesis software/capstone project made by my friend way back in college. This system helps the pet shop clinic, clients, and health care services for pets. This system features: Register Clients Register Pet Check-up Confinement Surgery ____

Complete Video Rental Management System

This system entitled Complete Video Rental and Management System was my project in Software Engineering Subject way back when I was a 3rd Year Computer Engineering Student. This system was programmed through Visual Basic 6.0 and SQL Server 2000. Thanks to my instructor that time because i had high grade in this subject :D This complete system features: Transaction Rent CD/DVD Return CD/DVD New CD