Grocery Checklist App Using HTML, CSS JavaScript with Source Code

This is a Grocery Checklist App created using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The purpose of this web application is to allow users to create and manage a checklist of grocery items they need to buy. This Grocery Checklist App allows users to add, remove, and mark items as done on their grocery list. The checklist data is stored in local storage to provide persistence across sessions. Users can also

Colors in Java

This project display list of colors. It is written in Java swing. It can change the background color of JList, and get background and foreground colors. Try this yourself. This is very simple and easy to do. Hope this will you in your future project.


Introduction: Welcome, this page will teach you about Arrays within Java. What is an Array? An array is a variable which holds more than one value, in effect, it's a list of values attached to a variable name. When are Arrays Used? Arrays are very useful for holding lists of values for certain scripts. For example; holding the id of each button that has been activated within a game.