Information System

How to Connect RFID Scanner to PHP using NodeMcu Wifi Module

In this tutorial, we will learn how to Connect RFID to PHP & MySQL Database with NodeMCU ESP8266. RFID-RC522 Module with NodeMcu ESP8266 and then I'm sending data of RFID to MySQL Database. we are just reading the serial data coming from NodeMCU ESP8266 and then publishing that to MySQL Database through PHP code. This project can store the Credentials of Students or Employees. Connect RFID to PHP

Employee’s Record System

Employee’s Record System is an easy-to-use system that manages all of your employees’ information. It will keep all the records organized and stores employee’s personal information accurately. Managing a company or business with 10 or more employees can get out of hand but with this system, you can be confident in tracking your employee’s information and at the same time you can save a lot of time.

Simple Student Information and Grading System in VB.Net

This is a project entitled Simple Student Information and Grading System written in and SQL Server 2008 R2 database for our activity in school. The system has the following features: Add, Update and Delete Student Add, Update and Delete Courses Compute Grades Generate Report - By : Course - By : Student Account Information: username: admin password: admin For more inquiries and need

Product Information System in PHP/MySQL (Shopping Cart)

This is a Simple Product Information System that is capable of adding products with product name, product price, category, sub category, product details. This system can also add image of the product you wanted to add. Then the added products will go to its home tab with its information and images to be the list in shopping cart. Note that this system is not yet complete because i haven't done

Student Information System

Title of the project: Student Information System of Northhills Institute of Business and Technology Description: A simple IS (Information System) I made as a project in SAD (System Analisys and Design) subject. Below is the list of Screenshot.. (Main Menu of Interface of the System) (Student List... you can add,update, delete student information in this section of the system. By default, it will