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Hi, this is my simple program in Java Netbeans 7.0 and I use MySQL as back-end.. hope u will like it.. :)

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i have added the winsoc from the windows component but it doesnt work when i try to listen a signal from the other form plz help me

i want code for "online registration form for job in hospitals "

how can i access your system?

wew.. but ko nMn phihirapan srili ko, meron nMn mas mdali... hehe!.

Tnx for ur comment new...

that's right bro.

wew..... drag and drop lng yung nagawa mo dito eh... kasi kapag sinabi nating netbeans 7 ang gamit, most of it is click click lang and drag and drop, tapos yun may code na ... much better if kung ikaw mismo ang nagcode nyan... hindi yung IDE... hehehehehe...

NETBEANS ang software na gamit nya kaya drag and drop di yan JAVA creator...

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