Image Gallery App Using PHP with Source Code

Welcome to our Image Gallery App, a dynamic web application designed to simplify the organization and management of your digital image collection. Seamlessly blending the power of PHP with the user-friendly interface of Bootstrap, this app empowers users to effortlessly upload, categorize, and interact with their images. The intuitive design allows you to add new images, create folders for

Simple Gallery Studio in C# with Source Code

This is a simple app requested by a friend of mine and I wish to share it with the public. This app was built using on visual studio 2013 as the front end and the MSSQL server as the back end. The program/app is called Gallery Studio. The program allows users to easily upload any image type and later view them as a photo album as well as delete them. I have used MS SQL Server to store the

How to Create Sliding Text on Images with Bootstrap Templates

Sliding Text on Images with Bootstrap Templates

In this tutorial, we are going to learn on How To Create Sliding Text On Images. In this source code, we are going to display the text on its corresponding image with a background color after we hover the image. In the example source code below, by using CSS and jQuery to appear the text effect on our images. Using jQuery slideToggle() we produce effect after we hover into the image. You can try the Live Demo of this tutorial.

CSS Backgrounds (Images and Colours)

Introduction: This is the third part in my CSS Styling tutorials, in which I will be covering backgrounds. Different Types of Backgrounds: In CSS, you can choose to set the background equal to an image, this can either be a url or a local file directory path, or a colour. Image Settings: Here is an example of setting the background of a class named 'myDiv' to background.jpg...
  1. .myDiv {