grayscale effect

CSS Filter Effects: Brightness, Contrast, Grayscale, Saturate, and Sepia Part I

If you are looking for about CSS Filter Effects then you are at the right place. Filters effect was primarily part of the SVG or it’s called Scalable Vector Graphics. Short information about SVG, SVG is a markup language that describes the two-dimensional graphics kind of application or an image and it is a set of related graphics script interfaces.

CSS Image Hover Effects

This project will teach you how different effect on hover using CSS. No javascript or jQuery codes used. With just few lines of css codes, you can be able to have these effects. I have here two examples of effect when hovered, blur and grayscale. We have to use the transition property in order to do this. For blur effect, we have to set blur to 5px. And for grayscale, we have to set grayscale to