Image Accordion Gallery App Using PHP and MySQL with Source Code

Welcome to the Image Accordion Gallery App, an elegant solution for showcasing and managing image collections seamlessly. This web application combines the power of PHP and MySQL to deliver a dynamic and interactive gallery experience. Whether you're an artist, photographer, or enthusiast looking to exhibit your work, this app provides a user-friendly platform to display images with style and

Image Gallery App Using PHP with Source Code

Welcome to our Image Gallery App, a dynamic web application designed to simplify the organization and management of your digital image collection. Seamlessly blending the power of PHP with the user-friendly interface of Bootstrap, this app empowers users to effortlessly upload, categorize, and interact with their images. The intuitive design allows you to add new images, create folders for

INSTALIKE: Instagram like responsive photo gallery

Introducing INSTALIKE! What is Instalike? Instalike is a responsive instagram like photo gallery that uses foundation framework to be viewable on any device. How to install it? Download wamp or xampp Extract the file to your www(wamp) or htdocs(xampp) folder. Create database db_instalike and import the database included in the file. Edit dbc.php to your database configuration. Happy coding!

Photo Gallery (Edited, with Login and Upload)

The Gallery and Upload is Coded by argie.. the Photo Gallery w/jQuery and Image Upload.. i combine that two and with user login/no need database for account.. to upload or add image in your index or gallery.. Link: upload.php to edit your user and pass,,you can edit in login.php default account: User: admin Pass: cris2per database: photos.sql Login Page, Coded by me... hope it helps.. for any