Creating a CodeIgniter Signup From with Email Verification

This tutorial tackles how to create a simple signup form with validation and email verification in CodeIgniter. CodeIgniter is a lightweight PHP framework that uses MVC(Model-View-Controller) architecture. Sending email verification is a way to check whether the users' inputted email is valid or not.

How to Check Email Availability using jQuery and PHP/MySQLi

This tutorial tackles on how to check the availability of email using jQuery and PHP with MySQLi-OOP. In user registration, we don't want that multiple users have the same email or in short we want the email to be unique to each user. To do so, we use validations to validate an email then we check if the email already exist.

Send SMS Using Desktop

This project written in VB.NET 10 as front end and MS Access as back end. This is useful for Classes, Schools,Trust,Colleges etc. User can Add 1. Master Data 2. Group 3. Send SMS with Multiple Languages with own Sender ID i.e. CBSBI, AxixBk, IDBIBk, etc. & Get Also Reports of Master & Hitory of SMS , Create templates of SMS etc. User-ADM Password-ADM For students or anyone else who needs program