Patient Information and Billing System (Eclipse Java/MSAccess)

This Patient Information and Billing System was programmed through Eclipse Software using Java Programming Language and Access 2010 as the database used. The features of the system are the following: - Login - Inventory - Confinement - Medicine Information - Patient Information - Billing - Discharge Account Information: username: admin password: lyndon For more inquiries and need programmer for

Text To Speech Application in Android Eclipse (Pronunciation Made Easy App)

This Android application entitled Pronunciation Made Easy was programmed by my younger brother as his project for their mobile application development subject. This application aims to help individuals who have difficulties or questions on how to pronounce certain words properly wherein the user may input words he wanted to know the correct pronunciation.

Simple Grading System in Eclipse (Java + Access)

This is a Simple Student Grading System written in Java as the fontend and MS Access 2007 as backend and was programmed in Eclipse.This was a student project of my students in their Java Programming Subject. This features to add, edit, delete, and search a specific student and will enter their prelim, midterm, prefinal, and final grade then compute the General Weighted Average or GWA of the

Eclipse support added to Google Apps Script

Aiming to help developers riddled by having to work on the Google Web page editor when using Google Apps Script, Google has now added support for a full-featured IDE in the form of an Eclipse plugin. The Eclipse editor will enable users to work on bigger than average scripts, implementing features that offer Google Drive syncing, as well as collaborative group implementation. The editor’s