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Adjacency Matrix Creation Along with Degree of Vertices from a Text File

This is a simple C source code, written in gcc platform (Ubuntu, Linux). It reads data from given input .txt file & generate .dat file as output, which contains the Adjacency matrix along with degree of vertices from the given .txt file. It is for only Unweighted Graph. Note: Must change the path of the files in code. Hence, Pattern is that the first digit is the number of nodes in the graph. Next

Generation of Binary Code using C

Hello, This is a simple C source code, written in g++ platform (Ubuntu, Linux). This is a process to generate Equivalent Binary numbers of decimal values. Here, you have to Push values in stack at first, (Sequentially in decreasing order, e.g 4, 3, 2, 1), then it will generate a palindrome sequence (Length will be [2^n]-1 for given n numbers). Then you will show Binary numbers of maximum n bit

Determine Types of Triangle

Hello everyone, This simple C source code determines the type of Triangle. You have to enter values of three sides of the triangle, then result will come. Triangle formation is possible or not, if possible, then what type of triangle is being formed by the given three sides. It is written in gcc platform (Ubuntu, Linux). It is basically for the beginners. Hope it will help others.