College Attendance System (CAS) in VB.NET and MSSQL Free Source Code

College Attendance System (CAS) in VB.Net with Full Source Code Free Download This College Attendance System in VB.Net is a software-based application project that is developed in Visual Basic and MS SQL Server 2014 for the database. The College Attendance System is designed to manage college or university student attendance records. This is a desktop application program that is developed with the

Simple Attendance System in PHP and SQLite Free Source Code

This is a Simple Attendance System in PHP . This simple project is a web-based application that records the attendance of employees of a certain company. This mini-project has an Admin Panel where the system admin or staff can manage the relevant data in the system. I am sharing this source code to help other new programmers especially those students to have a project source code to start with to

User Time Log System using VB.NET and MS Access Database with Source Code

A system that acts as biometrics does. With real-time logging , this system makes it possible to record the time-in and time-out of a user's attendance with ease. It provides a user-friendly UI and shortcut keys and for fast processing of records and logging . It also has a picture for each user to ensure the user's identity when being logged. This app is good for school and office wherein they

How to Connect RFID Scanner to PHP using NodeMcu Wifi Module

In this tutorial, we will learn how to Connect RFID to PHP & MySQL Database with NodeMCU ESP8266. RFID-RC522 Module with NodeMcu ESP8266 and then I'm sending data of RFID to MySQL Database. we are just reading the serial data coming from NodeMCU ESP8266 and then publishing that to MySQL Database through PHP code. This project can store the Credentials of Students or Employees. Connect RFID to PHP

FreePHP: Attendance System <Basic>

Basic Attendance System build from PHP & MySQL database. __________________________________ * DEX Connect - Management Authority * 1. Administrator: > (Admin)Dashboard - View Attendance Report - Print/Export PDF > View/Add/Edit/Delete Directory - Print/Export PDF - View/Add/Edit/Delete Active Users - Print/Export PDF - View/Add/Edit/Delete Admin User - Add/Create/Delete Active Users > SuperAdmin

Church Events-Attendance Monitoring System (Barcode ready)

Instructions: 1. Extract file 2. Open the ocx folder 3. Run the Registrator.exe 4. Click the register button 5. Wait until all the result succeeded 6. Run the Project1.vbp username: admin password: 1234 enjoy :D Eraser Software Solution Joemel E. Resare, MIT +639077640336 [email protected] Website: