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Visual Basic Payroll System

In this tutorial we will teach you how to create a Payroll System written in Visual Basic. This simple application creates a automatic calculation of salary using this payroll system. The application calculates the Rate, Hour per day, and deducts the Phil-Health, SSS, Monthly wages, and etc. The application works by putting a value from the Rate per hour, Hour per day, and Number of days work.

Bakery Payroll System

This is a simple Bakery Payroll System for a Pastry Shop. Front End: Microsoft Visual Basic 2010 Express Edition Back End: Microsoft Access 2010 OS Platform: Windows 7 N.B. The following components and tools MUST be installed in order to run the program ERROR-FREE DevExpress Universal 13.1.5 Infragistics NetAdvantage for Windows Forms 2012 Adobe Reader X (10.0) DataGridViewExtension Krypton Suite

Payroll System v2.0 *UPDATED*

This Payroll System is written in VB.NET as front end and SQL Server as back end its totally according to requirements of company for which i developed this software... Main Features are : 1. Employee Profile 2. Employee Attendance 3. Advance Entry 4. Employee Payment 5. Salary slip 6. Advance Records Searching 7. Employee Attendance Report 8. Employee Payment and Over Time Report 9. Employee