Student Attendance Monitoring System using Barcode in PHP Free Source Code

If you are looking for Student Attendance Monitoring System with Barcode using PHP then you are at the right place. This is a full source code. It has a three-side to logging on the admin side to view and manage the data and the teacher side to check the attendance of the students, Students side entering their Barcode Number given by their teachers to have their attendance and it will see a record on the teacher side. This program works by entering the barcode number of the student, after that, it will show their image and full name and it will save the data automatically in the database. And you can view your attendance on the teacher's side.

This Student Attendance Monitoring System was developed using PHP/PDO, MySQL Database, HTML, CSS, Javascript (jQuery and Ajax), and other plugins. This will help you learn how to create or develop a web application like this project using the said languages and routing using backbone.js. The source code is free to download. Feel Free to Download and modify it the way you wanted.



  • Manage Subject List
  • Manage Year Level/Section List
  • Manage Teacher List
  • Manage Student List


  • Manage Class Attendance
  • Print Attendance
  • List All Students Under him/her


  • List Subject Teachers
  • View Section Class Schedule
  • View Attendance Log
  • Print Attendance Log

How to Run


  • Download and Install any local web server such as XAMPP/WAMP.
  • Download the provided source code zip file. (download button is located below)


  1. Open your XAMPP/WAMP's Control Panel and start the Apache and MySQL.
  2. Extract the downloaded source code zip file.
  3. If you are using XAMPP, copy the extracted source code folder and paste it into the XAMPP's "htdocs" directory. And If you are using WAMP, paste it into the "www" directory.
  4. Browse the PHPMyAdmin in a browser. i.e. http://localhost/phpmyadmin
  5. Create a new database naming attmonsys.
  6. Import the provided SQL file. The file is known as attmonsys.sql located inside the sql folder.
  7. Browse the Attendance Monitoring System in a browser. i.e. http://localhost/attmonsys.

Admin Information

Username: admin
Password: admin


That's it! You may now explore the features and functionalities of this Attendance Monitoring System using PHP.

Happy Coding :)


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how do one asign subject to student?

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