Projects Monitoring System

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A simple application for monitoring a given company's projects..


1.Problem of keeping projects information
2.Difficulty of keeping track of projects schedules
3.Difficulty of keeping track of how resources are being used during project implementation
4.Difficulty to receive notifications about different projects
5.Difficulty in generating projects reports

The system solves these problems and several more...
Also the following features have been added, which extend beyond the simple task of keeping projects information:
1.Support for generation of reports which can take place over extended periods of time
2.Automatic notifications, alerting users of projects status
3.Support for printing of generated reports
4.Generation of reports in Microsoft excel for nice look
A calendar that will act as a reminder
NOTE: Some of these features are not part of CURRENT core design and will only be added in this posted app if time permits AND WHENEVER NECESSARY.

copy the code in your projects directory, i use www, the .zip folder. open the folder and check sgl file (database) and import it...... you know this friends...

admin | admin
manage users using admin as a password

Happy coding my friends

Get me here... | @Hjacksons or else +google etc

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Remove the below line from login.php. It Worked.

session_register("user_id", "username");

Please sir. I need your help for this app . Please..

hi please help me, blank screen appear.

[email protected]


Please create the sql file properly your connection is connecting to the database named as ictpms but no where this db is created so it is not getting and row in the login script and displaying the msg that is given by you.ictpms should contain a table user but as the db is not there so no user table .. so giving error . Please correct the codes and again upload your projects

Always can not login here in this your scripts, What's problem on your coding brother? Please replay me.

Thank You

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