Library Book Borrowing and Returning System

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Library Book borrowing and returning system


-xampp 1.7.3
-browser google chrome and firefox etc..


-extract zip files to htdocs
-go to phpmyadmin import directly the SQL file

For more info:

Email me: [email protected]
add me on fb:

email me:[email protected]

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pwede po bang magpaatulong about book drop?

i want script for when student borrow more then three books in borrow details disable the borrowing how to do this

Paano ko po mababawas yung quantity na hiniram ko sa book quantity ko. Please answer me asap

can you help me?

Your library system was a good example project for me as a beginner in this field, I use your library system as a reference in my project, I notice that it would only run on a low-end specs computer, is there any way that it could run in a high-end specs computer. I'm new in PHP coding, and I want to learn more. Thank you and good day Sir. :)

wala akong makuhanan ng mga codes.. patulong nman po!!! PLS thanks!

please help me with the documentation of Library Book Borrowing and Returning System

HI hopefully u did super , your design are super ,please re-upload with out error.

if the date due set after date borrowed, then can't show date book returned? why, date borrowed stay unreturned?? despite has been confirmed on returnbookpopup. please fix it? or how to show date returned.? thanks

returnBooks.php cant show date book returned? how to fix them?

login as student have some problems in quiz.php on line 88,line 94,line 114
0% etcc

dami error kid


the script script for returnbookpopup.php is error, could you fix that. thank you.

sunarya - Indonesia, Bali
e-mail : [email protected]

pwd po ba ako mag pa help nitong System mo po na Library? pwd ko po bai to Edit? para sa Final exam namin this Oct 25?

pwede mo ba ibigay samin ung code..pls pass to my fb,,,[email protected]

tulong naman oh tungkol sa book borrowing system in the library.

tnx.this would be a great help

dami errors... wala ba working nito na link.. ty. god bless!

can i ask on how to do this is VB6?

lots of error appearing in each page, can any body help me to remove all these errors cause it seems to be a good project.Thanks alot.

pwede bang magpatulong sa accounting system na gagawin namin

oo pwede ano po yon?

Tulo sa ang limit karun

you can borrow the book only 3 items..


pwedi bang magpatulong sa thesis?

Oh sure pag usapan natin yan..,

anong klaseng system ba?

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