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This is a Sample of A Social Networking Sites That Helps connect People to the one they truly Belong with. This Project Cannot Be Completed Without the Help of our Friends,Classmates,Family,our Teacher and Most of All Our Beloved God...

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nice one ilike it

How to create online exam system

Good day there please share the database at [email protected].

what is the username and password of admin

plz send it at "[email protected]"

Hello, when I try to log in, it appears this message even if I log in with an account with account status=2.

What can I do? I don't know why they connect me to registerexec.php when the code is
$_SESSION['login'] = 'true';
$_SESSION['member_id'] = $getid['member_id'];
$_SESSION['studentid'] = $getid['student_id'];


I need databse of the project plz send me on email id
email id: [email protected]

hi could you please send me the database design on my mail id : [email protected]

please send me a database please? [email protected]

plz send me the database at [email protected]

plz snd me the database to my email address [email protected]
Thanks in advance

send me database to [email protected]

Please send me the database on my email [email protected]
Thank you very much .

Please send me database at
[email protected]

hi to anyone who can read this right now,
i modified the code a bit so that the index page displays comments from the comments table but the problem is with the images and the names of individuals posting, instead of posting using the name and the pictures, it displays the names and pictures of everybody in the members table, any help???
email [email protected]
thanks in advance

please send me data base in my email [email protected]

guys database is thr search properly in sql files and all blah blah

Hi, Could you please send the database to [email protected] and also the instructions to run this source code... I am totally new to Php... Your help will be much appreciated..

i i like these project

pls send me the db file my email id is [email protected]

Please provide the database. It's like very urgent. I have to submit my project in 4 days. plz help import the social file but the error will occur plz help..plz plz
[email protected]

plz send me database in my [email protected].


Hello dear.....
Please give me a sql database of this site.. i have very very need of this site database......Please send me all database of this site on [email protected].... i shall be very thankful for to you.....

thank u so much.... Please send me

Hello dear.....
Please give me a sql database of this site.. i have very very need of this site database......Please send me all database of this site on [email protected] i shall be very thankful for to you.....

thank u so much.... Please send me

Please send me the step by step tutorial to install the code to [email protected]

Please the script to me : [email protected]

After login i will get only this Welcome! Wait for your ID's confirmation.

pls send the tutorial in my email [email protected]

hi, your blog's very useful but when i tried to run the project it gives the "unknown column: account_status in field_list" kindly provide your suggestion to my mail [email protected]

table 'social.id_number' doesn't exist

Please send me the database kindly ...
email ==> [email protected]
I am waiting please send me fast as possible ...
Thanks ..

please send the database to ' [email protected] ' . really, it will be great help.. thanks in advance !

sir when i visit my link through my server it say Can't use facebook : Unknown database 'social' plz help or give me complete tutorial in my id [email protected]

Hello Malyn30,

I am theatrical artist working on a social media piece. I am trying to setup a dummy site so that I can use it for the piece. I have a little knowledge in php and mysql but it seems not enough to actually pull off the complete entity of this. I was interested in seeing if you could help me with setting it up. I was able to get it to the point as many have where it says account_status is unknown. looking at the tables, I didn't see an account_status section, so I presume it is there as a filler. If you don't have the time, I do understand, but I thought someone who has this much of a grasp on it would be able to help my group move the project that much forward. You can reach me at [email protected]

Thank you

hi plz send me The database it my mail [email protected]

Stop asking for it. If you don't get this simple fact, then you don't deserve a degree.
Also, a student project is supposed to be your own, not just copy of someone elses. Or just asking them to make it for you.

Pls send db

Thank you sooo much for the source code : It would be great if you can send me the database file to [email protected]... thank you !!

Please send the updated database or the solution of "column 'account_status' in 'field list' " to my email [email protected] I urgently need it.Thanx

please send me database via [email protected]

WHY CANT I REGISTER? I KEEP GETTING THIS ERROR:Unknown column 'account_status' in 'field list'


how do i run it,i open the index.html file i get an error asking jQuery based....Can u plz mail me the database
[email protected]

friend, please send me the database at [email protected]

So much Thx.

Can anyone tell me how to use this source code . Please send me whole source code with html pages at [email protected]

Please someone tell me how to use this source code ?

i'm making my own social site... for that purpose i want the sample coding to get an idea to create database for my site.. please help me... my e-mail id is [email protected]... thank you..

can any one send me the tutorial how to run or use this zip file , to [email protected]

please send the database file on [email protected] JAZAK ALLAH

hi ,
i am not able to log in and not even able to register. Plz help with this..... my mail id [email protected] .... Its urgent plz do reply


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